How to Download Videos from Al Jazeera for Free

You can download Al Jazeera Videos locally and so you can view them off-line if need be. Here is an easy guide to download videos from Al Jazeera for free.

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The JSC (Jazeera Satellite Channel), known by most people as Al Jazeera, is a state-financed broadcaster based in Doha and owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network. This media network is partially financed by the Qatar's ruling family. Thanks to global media revolution, Al Jazeera which started as a satellite TV for airing only Arabic news and contemporary affairs, has since widened into a large network with a series of outlets. These include the Internet as well as other commercial and non-commercial broadcasting television channels in different languages. You can download Al Jazeera videos locally and so you can view them off-line if need be. Below is an easy guide to do so.

download al jazeera videos

Part 1. How to Download Videos from MTV

You're recommended to use iTube HD Video Downloader to download any Al Jazeera videos. The downloader is a user-friendly application which requires no costly codecs. It's a professional program that can effectively record, download and convert Al Jazeera videos to any video/audio format at terrific speed. Besides Mac, the program can also record or download videos for hundreds of tables and smartphones. With iTube Al Jazeera downloader, you can always record non-downloadable videos with extremely high quality.

iTube HD Video Downloader - The Best Al Jazeera Video Downloader

  • Extremely fast recording, downloading and converting speed through multi-threading processing.
  • This Al Jazeeza downloader allows you to download multiple video files from queue.
  • Automatic detection of online Al Jazeera videos which are playing on your web browser.
  • Supports multiple video formats which are compatible (from 320 x 480 - 1920 x 1080 screen resolution).
  • Allows you to download and convert Al Jazeera videos from hundreds of video sharing sites.

Guide on How to Download Al Jazeera Videos

Step 1. Download and Launch Al Jazeera Downloader

The first step is to download and install Al Jazeera video downloader on your computer. The process of installation is as simple as dragging the installation files to Applications. This will take a few seconds.

And run the program and you'll see a main Al Jazeera downloader interface on your computer. The program will provide you with 2 options to download your video.

1 click download al jazeera videos

Step 2. Start Downloading Al Jazeera Videos

Now open your web browser and visit to start playing the video you would wish to download. When the video is detected on the webpage, a "Download" icon will appear at the top left corner of the video. Click the "Download Video" icon to open the drop-down list and select 1080p option, and then the program will automatically add your video to the download queue.

download al jazeera videos

This Al Jazeera video downloader enables you to download videos easily with just the URL. Launch your web browser and visit You can copy the URL of the video from the address bar and click the "Paste URL" icon at the top left corner to begin downloading the video.

You can also drag and drop the URL on the downloader to download the Al Jazeera video immediately.

paste url

More Tips about Al Jazeera:

Al jazeera is the leading news channel in the entire middle east. It was launched back in November 1996 and since then, it has developed to be among the top leading channels in the world which prominent people, decision makers and governments can't afford to ignore. Al jazeera is an Arabic term which means an island. It offers news coverage in and around middle east, focusing on the most affected regions of conflict. The owners of Al Jazeera are the Al Jazeera media network and its headquarters is located in Doha, Qatar.

Since its launching back in 1996, the station has over 30 bureaus and thousands of correspondents covering news from all continents of the world. This has enabled millions of people from different parts of the world to get news and share their ideas on global events happening in our day-to-day lives. It was launched as an Arabic station, but in 2006 the station broke the language barrier. It assembled a dedicated team of journalists from CNN, BBC, CNBC, APTN, ITV and among others to launch an English language station. It mainly covers news, sports and documentaries. Aside from that, it also engages audiences with independence, freedom of speech and thought.

Unlike other news channels, Al Jazeera has offered their viewers with a different perspective. Viewers are delighted to obtain something new aside from the usual pro-government propaganda. The use of social media has allowed viewers to directly communicate and share their thoughts freely. The station has upheld its longterm policy which only aims to raise sidelined questions and issues.

One of the main reasons why Al Jazeera is among the leading news channel in the world is the quality of news they offer to their viewers. They have a team of highly specialized and dedicated journalists who are there to give you all the necessary coverage that you need to know. It doesn't favor any Government, country or organization.

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