Top 10 Best YouTube Alternative for Enjoying Videos and Music

In this article you can get top 10 YouTube alternative. These YouTube alternative sites can work well as YouTube and it is easy to access.

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YouTube has a huge user base, it become to be a more and more popular free video streaming website. Can you image that if there is no YouTube or sometimes when you can't visit YouTube, where would you go? Do not worry! We list top 10 best YouTube alternative sites for you here. These best alternatives to YouTube provide you with more wonderful videos, you can enjoy your life with them.

Top 10 Alternatives to YouTube

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Dailymotion is just a few steps behind YouTube in terms of size and popularity. No doubt it is the best alternative to YouTube thus far. You can upload, share and view videos on the site. You are also allowed to search videos by tag, channel or user groups. So if you simply can't stand YouTube, Dailymotion will gladly take you in.

Pros: Dailymotion provides you with HD video clips. And it supports ogg videos.
Cons: Your videos should be limited in 150MB and 20 minutes.


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Metacafe is popular simply because it is like YouTube in many ways. This YouTube alternative is a place where you can watch many exclusives and originals. A lot of TV networks and movie agencies have partnered up with this site, which is the reason why they can give users thousands of high quality video contents.

Pros: Metacafe offers you the original and exclusive videos.
Cons: The site mainly presents short-form entertainment video contents.


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There’s no other YouTube alternative site that is better than Hulu as far as watching your favorite shows and series on TV. Hulu is technically free to use, although some restrictions apply. You only need to enable the internet connection, and then you can enjoy full-long episodes for free. Hulu Plus is a subscription service that provides you with current and past season videos from NBC, MTV, ABC, FOX and more.

Pros: Hulu is easy to use and offers you with a selection of hot TV shows, movies, clips and more.
Cons: The site isn't available for all users around the world either. You have to be in the US for it to work.


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Although Vimeo is established around the time YouTube was founded, it wasn't as popular. But that doesn’t mean it is not any better. Vimeo accepts only high quality videos and categorizes them in a very orderly manner. So unlike YouTube, there's no clutter around here. You can upload and store your videos on Vimeo, or you can share the videos with others by Facebook, Twritter, and other ways.

Pros: There is no ads before, after or over your videos. It comes with the Create channel on how to enhance your videos.
Cons: You have to pay for more storage space and unlimited HD videos.


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If you want to watch videos in a site where only high quality movie clips and videos are allowed, then head on to ZippCast. It is also the more preferred video-sharing site of newspaper agencies and magazines. What’s more, ZippCast provides a communication platforms for users.

Pros: The layout of your channel can be customized. And you can add rating and comments to the videos.
Cons: The site might get hacked sometimes.


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If you want to watch TV shows, tune in to This is the place for all couch potatoes, unless you live in Turkey or China. Unfortunately, the site is blocked from these two locations. This site presents a variety of arts, sports, comedies, drama, Tech, and other shows from well-known and up-and-coming producers.

Pros: provides a wide range of video channels. And it is available for iDevice on the iTunes App Store.
Cons: It is not easy to post videos to the sites for it needs to go through the strict quality checks.

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Another video sharing website similar to YouTube is Vuclip. Users will simply love the huge database of movie clips found on this site. Vuclip focuses on mobile media industry, which allows you to enjoy videos on any internet-enable phones, including feature phones and smartphones.

Pros: You can easily to search and watch videos on your mobile phones and tablsts.
Cons: This site is more commercial. You have to pay for some premium videos.


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Wenoo is like YouTube in many ways, plus a few more perks. You can upload videos, audios and images to the site. And you also can create your channel with banner, icons, widgets, and animations – all for free.

Pros: It provides you with the link or embedded code so that you can use the video in other platforms.
Cons: Sometimes Wenoo has an intermittent problem with the uploader. You might fail to post some videos.


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Viddler is one of the best YouTube alternative sites like YouTube, except that it caters more to businesses rather than home video makers. That suggests the site has got added business tools that can make your corporate videos, promotional clips, and advertisements look professional. So if you’re looking for a more serious alternative to YouTube, you now know where to post your videos on.

Pros: Provide video tools to make your business videos look professional.
Cons: Do not fit for home video makers.


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Yfrog used to be a photo sharing site for social networking sites like Twitter. But with its new hat, it can work with videos as well. So now, your shared photos and videos can go in just one place. Sign-up is a breeze. You are allowed to share videos of different formats.

Pros: Sign up with your email to share your videos and improve your social experience.
Cons: Mainly focus on social network.


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