How to Airplay YouTube to Apple TV or Speakers from Mac

Many people want to know how to AirPlay YouTube from Mac to Apple TV. Well, here is easy guide for you to airplay YouTube from Mac.

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There are times when you will be watching a rather interesting Youtube video, and then wish that you could just send that video to your Apple TV, so that you can watch it on a much larger screen. Many people are asking the question "can you AirPlay YouTube to Apple TV from Mac?" Well, since 2012, AirPlay mirroring has become a part of the Mac system, being first introduced with the release of Apple OS X Mountain Lion. With AirPlay, you can easily take whatever is on your Mac's display and send it to be displayed on any nearby television that is connected to an Apple TV. You can also route your Mac's audio to any television or speaker system using AirPlay.

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Part 1. How to Airplay YouTube from Mac to Apple TV

In order to use AirPlay to send Youtube video from your Mac to an Apple TV connected television, you will first need to make sure that you have a 3rd generation or later Apple TV model, and that it is connected to a television. Your Mac should be macOS Capitan or a newer model. Both your Apple TV and your Mac System should be on the same wi-fi network, and finally, you should be using the Safari browser, if you want to AirPlay Youtube from Mac. With all these requirements in place, routing your Youtube videos to your television becomes quite simple, with the following steps:

Step 1: Launch your Safari browser on your Mac, then navigate to the address of the Youtube video that you would like to stream to your Apple TV.

Step 2: Move your mouse across the video, you will then see the video controls, including an AirPlay button, which looks like a small TV.

airplay youtube on apple tv

Step 3: Click on this AirPlay button, and it will list available devices that it can AirPlay to. You should now select your Apple Tv from the list, or any other AirPlay receiver that you would like to send the video to.

airplay youtube on apple tv

Step 4: The Youtube video will now start to play on your television, through the Apple TV. On your Mac, the Youtube video display area will turn gray and display a message like 'This video is playing on [your AppleTV Name]'.

airplay youtube on apple tv

That's it. You can now sit back and enjoy Youtube on your television. Macbook users may be wondering: Can you AirPlay from Macbook? The answer is Yes, simply follow the same steps above.

Part 2. Airplay YouTube from Mac to Speakers

You can also AirPlay just audio data from your Mac to any audio handling device that is connected to your Apple TV. There are basically two methods to accomplish this:

Using the System Settings:

Step 1: Launch your Mac's system settings, when it is opened, click on Sound.
Step 2: Click on the Output tab. It will now list all the connected devices that audio can be routed to.
Step 3: Select the Apple TV or AirPlay speaker device of your choice.

Using the Menu Bar:

It is also possible to change audio output from just the menu bar on your desktop.

Step 1: Holding down the OPTION key on your keyboard, click on the speaker icon on your menu bar.
Step 2: It will list all the available audio output devices, including Apple TV and AirPlay speakers. Select your desired output device.
Step 3: All the audio from your Mac will now be routed to your selected device. Enjoy!

airplay youtube apple tv

Part 3. Download YouTube to Mac & AirPlay YouTube

There are times that you will not just want to watch a Youtube video online, but you would rather download it to either watch it later, or to watch it on another device, like on your mobile device. There are currently many ways of doing this, from online services to desktop programs, but most of these methods have their setbacks. One program stands out among the rest though, and that program iTube HD Video Downloader. It is a revolutionary program that takes the complexity out of downloading and managing videos from the Internet. The program was designed with ease of use in mind, and offers a wide variety of functions and capabilities in order to make your life easier, while you download, mange and enjoy your videos.

How to Download YouTube Videos to Mac

Step 1. Install and launch iTube YouTube Downloader

Firstly, download and install iTube HD Video Downloader on your Mac. And then launch the program to start it. When you're done, iTube YouTube downloader will run automatically.

airplay youtube to mac

Step 2. Start downloading YouTube videos

On any video being played in your browser, you will find a "Download" button that you can just click on to begin downloading.

download youtube to mac

You can also drag the the address box of the video you are watching into iTube HD Video Downloader to commence download. Or you can copy the address of the video that you want to download, and then paste it into iTube HD Video Downloader for downloading with "Paste URL" button in the main interface.

airplay youtube to apple tv

Step 3. Convert YouTube to Apple TV

Converting videos on iTube HD Video Downloader is easy, after your video has downloaded, simply click on the "Downloaded" tab to list all your downloaded videos. To the right side of each video's name will be a "Convert" icon. Click on it, and it will add your downloaded YouTube to convert list, then turn to Convert tab on the left. You can also decide to convert your data by simply selecting a target device, "Apple TV" for example, in which case, everything has been made easy for you. Select device and press "OK" and your conversion will begin.

airplay youtube mac

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