How to Play YouTube in Background iPhone with Screen Off (iPhone X included)

Want to know how to play YouTube in background iPhone? This article will show you the simple steps. You can also learn how to watch YouTube on iPhone (X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6s).

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Many of us would like to enjoy tons of YouTube videos and music on iPhone anytime and anywhere. The tuner for iPhone can turn YouTube into a music player. The convenience that comes by using YouTube as an audio source is actually indisputable. You can rely on YouTube if you want to play occasional live performance. What happens is that tuner being a music player for videos from YouTube and it has the ability of turning YouTube videos into songs and the most amazing thing about all this is that you get to listen to the songs on you iPhone. Some iPhone users are looking for an effective way to play YouTube in background on iPhone so that they can be able to do multitask. This means that you can listen to your video and the same time open another application or turn off the screen and does some other work. This is so amazing, because you do not have to wait until you are free for you to be able to listen to your music.

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Part 1. How to Play YouTube in Background on iPhone

Google has released a YouTube app for iPhone users. With YouTube app for iPhone, you are able to watch popular YouTube videos without sitting in front of the computer. All you need to do is to download YouTube app from AppStore. The following instruction will teach you how to get started, including how to get YouTube app to iPhone and how to use it.

1)- Open AppStore and then type YouTube inside the search box, tap on the Install button and the app will immediately start to download.
2)- From your iPhone's main screen tap on the YouTube icon, which is going to direct you to the main page of YouTube. Go to the Search button so that you can be able to get started.
3)- Type in what you want to search and results are going to appear. After you have selected your video, you can tap on it and it is going to start playing.
4)- As the video plays, tap your iPhone and you will be able to access YouTube as well as iPhone video tools like fast forward.
5)- iPhone has an editing tool, it allows you to create video tool bar as well as your own YouTube icons. All you need to do is click on the More icon located on top of you iPhone.

how to play youtube in background iphone

Play YouTube in Background on iPhone:

When you play YouTube videos in the background, you can be able to hear the audio as you do other tasks on your iPhone. This is very good because you can actually use another application while you listen to the audio. If you wish, you can even turn off the screen and do another work and still you will be able to listen to the audio of the video. However, if you release that the audio has stopped. All you need to do is very simple, below is what you are supposed to do.

Step 1: Start playing the video from the YouTube app.
Step 2: Once the video is playing, hit the Home button and afterwards leave YouTube, the audio of your video will then stop.
Step 3: Double tap on the Home button to activate the multitasking bar. Then slide over and go to the Audio Control, tap Play so that you can be able to resume the audio from your YouTube video.

Cannot Play YouTube in Background on iPhone, What to Do?

So many people are tired of when they exit out of the webpage and the music turns off. There are many devices that have this issue such as: Androids, iPhones, iPad’s, Galaxy’s, and Blackberry’s. It isn’t that hard to figure out how to make them work though. The steps are actually pretty simple.

Step 1: Go on to YouTube through your Safari. Search and then play your music video you want to listen to and wait for it to start and go to full screen.
Step 2: Press the Home button after it has started and it will bring you to your home screen and stop the music.
Step 3: Swipe and bring up the control center from the bottom of the screen and tap the play button to start your music again.

This will continue to play the music video in the background while you do other things on your phone. But this won’t work on the YouTube app; you have to do it through Safari and delete the YouTube app. But if you don’t want to delete the app you can follow the same steps as said before through Google Chrome.

play youtube in background iphone

Part 2. Download YouTube Videos to iPhone for Offline Playback

When you play YouTube on iPhone , you can be able to access a video anywhere as well as anytime you want. Therefore, you do not have to wait until you get home for you to be able to watch your favorite video. All you need to do is take you iPhone and watch your favorite movie; it does not matter where you are. To achieve the goal, you can turn to iTube HD Video Downloader for help. This smart YouTube downloader lets you download any YouTube videos with one simple click. You can also download the whole YouTube playlist in one click for your iPhone, and then play the YouTube playlist without any interruption. This YouTube Playlist Downloader is compatible with most video websites including YouTube. With this program you are not only able to download YouTube playlist videos and watch YouTube playlist offline but also it enables you convert these videos to various formats. One of the most practical functions of this program is sniffer, which recognizes which movie you are watching at what time and adds them directly to your download list.

Guide on How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone

For you to be able to play YouTube on iPhone with iTube HD Video Downloader, all you have to is follow the steps below and you will be able to have a video that has been converted to a format compatible to you iPhone.

Step 1. Install the YouTube Downloader

Click the Download button above to save the program on your computer. Then follow the instruction to install it. After you have successfully installed the program, you need to run it.

how to play youtube with screen off iphone

Step 2. One Click to Download YouTube Video

When you play the video, you will see a Download button on its top right corner. Click it then the program will immediately download it for you. When the download is finished, you can find the video under the Downloaded tab.

how to keep youtube playing on iphone

Also, you can download YouTube music on iTube HD Video Downloader is to simply copy and paste the video URL to the software’s dock icon and the software will immediately start downloading the video.

how to play youtube in background iphone 7

Step 3. Watch Videos on iPhone

Click the Convert button next to the downloaded clip. And select Apple - iPhone in the pop-up window. When the conversion is complete, you can then export the converted video to your iPhone and watch it anytime as well as anywhere you please.

youtube videos not playing on iphone

How to Download YouTube Playlist Videos to iPhone

Step 1. Launch the YouTube Playlist Downloader Program

Download and install iTube HD Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows. The process of downloading this app is as simple as downloading any other app from apps store. Launch the program by running the program, which will provide you with 2 ways to download videos.

how to play youtube app in background iphone

Step 2. Download YouTube Playlist Videos to iPhone

Open the YouTube playlist or channel which will provide you with the download Playlist option. Click on the Playlist button to open the window which will allow you choose the videos you want to download. You can also choose the quality you want in this window.

how to play youtube in background on iphone

You can also copy a YouTube playlist URL from the address bar in your browser, or copy the URL from other sites. And then go the the "Download" tab to click the "Paste URL" button. And click the "Download playlist" button.

youtube app play in background iphone

Step 3. Transfer YouTube playlist to iPhone

Go to the “Downloaded” tab on the left side of the YouTube playlist downloader, click onto the "Convert" button to convert the video to another format. Once you click on to the convert button a format choosing window will let you chose your device up on which you will choose Apple devices which include iPhones and iPods. Then turn to the Transfer tab on the left, you can just sync your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC, and then transfer the downloaded YouTube playlist videos to iPhone with ease.

cant play youtube in background iphone

A lot of work has gone into making iTube HD Video Downloader the ideal YouTube playlist video downloader. Its exceptional features make downloading and transferring videos from YouTube to iTunes on iPhone incredibly easy and fast. Consequently, it is safe to say that this program is the best answer for how to download music from YouTube to iPhone.

Part 3. Recommend 5 App to Play YouTube on iPhone

Although the market is flooded with several free YouTube player iPhone apps, reliable choices have various hallmarking attributes that can be used to distinguish them from others. Aspects to review include reputation, feature set, usability (ease of use), technology, compatibility, and availability of upgrades. For iPhone (iPhone X and iPhone 8 included) and Mac users, here are the top 5 YouTube players to consider.

01of 05

MxTube for YouTube

MxTube for YouTube is definitely the best free YouTube player for iPhone you will find in the app store. It allows users to change the video quality to 280p, 480p, 720p and more. The app is designed to run on all devices using iOS 7 and has a simple navigation panel that accesses all the videos stored in your device. It can play all types of formats although it is advisable to convert the videos to iPhone for best experience.

keep youtube playing in background iphone

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Video Tube Free

Video Tube Free is another high quality free app that allows you to stream YouTube and Vimeo videos at any time. It is optimized for iPhone and iPad users and features a simple widget that opens from your notification center. Video Tube Free is also available from the app store and you can view all purchased or uploaded videos for free. Simply search and start watching.

play youtube in background iphone app

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McTube for YouTube

McTube for YouTube is the most reputable iPhone YouTube player available for those who love aesthetic interfaces and professional looking windows. It contains almost all the features in YouTube window and allows you to download and stream YouTube videos with ease. Like most iPhone apps, it is available from the app store for free.

how to make youtube play in background iphone

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Tubex is a YouTube iPhone player that has been deemed the most powerful client for iPad and iPhone users as it contains all the features you need to effortlessly stream YouTube videos. You can specify which quality you like and create a playlist of your favorite videos. Tubex is quite simple to use and has an interesting following to help you fix all problems.

how to have youtube play in background iphone

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If you want the best app for music videos, then you should look no further than AudioViz for iPhone and iPad. It has a powerful audio rendering and some even use it in parties. The interface is very responsive and you can access everything you need from a single window.

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