Top 10 Best YouTube Country Music Playlist You Should Know

Here we will introduce you some YouTube country music playlists, and introduce you the easiest way to download the playlists with extension or URL in one click.

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Country music is one of the popular genres of music that are available today, which was developed from famous folk tunes and ballads and has been around for many decades. Country music is the kind of music you can listen to before going to sleep at night or taking an afternoon nap. It can relax your mind to a great extent and allow you to have an uninterrupted sleep. When you wake up, you will be feeling great and reenergized. Country music can also be the perfect solution when your mood is low and you just need some sort of a boost. The lyrics of the songs will help you go bouncing to great heights and feel really blessed. Now we will share with you some popular YouTube Country Music playlist.

Part 1. Download YouTube Country Music in One Click

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Guide on How to Download YouTube Country Music Playlist

Step 1. Install and launch the YouTube Playlist Downloader

First, you will need to download and install iTube HD Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows PC. The installation process is very simple. After installing this YouTube country music downloader successfully, launch it to its main interface.

country music playlist youtube

Step 2. Download Country Music Playlist from YouTube

Simply launch Firefox, Chrome or another web browser of your choice and then go to YouTube. Search for the playlist you want to download and then play it. A “Download” button will appear in the top left corner once the video is detected by the program. Just click that button to start downloading the playlist.

youtube country music playlist

You can also download YouTube country music playlist by Copy and Paste URL. If you choose to download using this option, you will simply need to copy the URL of the playlist you want to download and then click “Paste URL” in the primary window of the program. This playlist will be captured immediately.

youtube country playlist

Part 2. Top 10 YouTube Country Music Playlist You Should Know

This is one of the best country songs that you should consider including in your country music playlist this year. You can listen to it all day without getting bored. It will make you think of taking things a little slow if you are always in a hurry to do things without knowing where you want to go. It is not about a broken hurt like most country songs usually are. It is a song that is going to uplift your spirit and make you a better person in life..

country playlist youtube

This is another great country song that you should definitely feature in your playlist of country songs. It will take you back to the time when you fell in love the first time when you were still a teenager. It basically talks about how love can never fade or go away regardless of how many years two people stay apart. The lyrics will effectively bring back the memories of falling in love the first time.

youtube playlist country

Whiskey might just become your favorite drink if you listen to this song – that is if it is not yet your favorite drink. The singer describes his girlfriend as a little whiskey girl. The video is also great. You will enjoy watching the beautiful women that are featured in it.

youtube music country playlist

Alabama is one of the greatest country music bands in existence and Dixieland Delight is one of the greatest songs that they have ever released. It is a song that will make you want to be in the country, walking down the creek or doing some swimming. Even if you are not from Texas, you are definitely going to love it.

youtube music playlist country

If you are a Blake Shelton fan, you definitely want to include this song in your country music playlist. If you have someone that you love deeply, it will be a great song to dedicate to them. The lyrics are going to melt his or her heart. The accompanying music video is also awesome.

country youtube playlist

This is a nice country song that will surely enjoy listening to. It is a song that reminds you the importance of having friends that you can rely on. When you are faced with a problem, you need to have friends that you can turn to for help. It is a catchy song that you can sing along to very easily.

country music youtube playlist

Listening to this song will make every part of the year feel like summer. It is a classic summer jam that you will not get bored of listening to. If you have summer memories that you enjoyed in the past, listening to this song will bring those memories back.

download free country music playlist

This is a great country song for those who fell in love recently or the newlyweds. If you have never liked any country song before, this is probably the only one you would ever like. It carries a powerful message for people that are in love.

country music playlist download

This song gives you cues on how to make advances on someone that you have a crush on. Billy Currington does justice to it and makes it a song that you can listen to on and on without getting bored. Its video is awesome.

country playlist download

If you love having a good time or memorable moments wherever you go, this song will be great for you. It is a simple chorus that will stick in your head the first time you listen to it. The lyrics will make you appreciate every moment in life.

country music on youtube

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