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How to Convert WMA to Google Music MP3

Google Music comes with more than 13 millions of popular songs. It lets you store additional 20000 songs besides your purchased ones. Furthermore, it saves 320kbps high quality tracks and lets you share your favorite music with friends on Google+ instantly. However, it doesn't support DRM-protected WMA songs. That means you can't upload protected WMA to Google Music for storage and share. If you have some DRM WMA songs and want to upload them to Google Music, then now you're in the right place. In this article, we'll show you how to convert protected WMA to Google Music supported MP3 with ease.

Yeah, there is actually a free way to remove DRM from WMA - burning them to CDs and then rip the CDs back to audio. However, if you have thousands of songs, this way is really destructive. To make the work much simpler, you can use a WMA DRM removal program like Aimersoft DRM removal converter. With it, you can strip DRM protection from protected WMA files and convert WMA to MP3 for Google Music. Just download it now and follow the tips below to convert DRM-protected WMA to Google Music MP3 easily.

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How to convert WMA to MP3 for Google Music

1Add WMA files

There are three ways to add WMA files: 1> Click Add to browse and select files to import. 2> Directly drag files to the item bar. 3> Click the triangle next to the Add button and select Add Files to select WMA to add.

wma to google music

Note: Besides converting protected WMA, this DRM converter can also convert protected M4V, M4B, M4P, WMV, etc.

2Choose MP3 as the output format

Click Audio file to and you'll see the list below. As you can see, almost all popular audio formats are supported. For Google Music, MP3 is highly recommended as the output format. After that, you can click settings to set the audio sample rate, encoder, bit rate, etc.

convert wma to google music

3Start to convert DRM WMA to MP3

OK, the last step is to click the Start button to being cracking DRM protection from WMA and converting WMA to MP3 for Google Music. After the conversion, click Find Target to locate the converted MP3 files and then upload them to Google Music without any troubles!

About DRM protected WMA:

DRM, short for Digital Right Management, is a technology adopted by Microsoft, Sony, Apple, etc., aiming to stop users from playing the media on too many computers or mobile devices. To play DRM WMA, you need to authorize your machine with the correct username and password. And at most five computers can be authorized to play the files. Fortunately, by converting protected WMA to MP3, you can share and play your files anywhere you like effortlessly.

Download WMA to Google Music Converter:

Download Windows Version

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