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How to Remove Personal Account Info from iTunes Bought Music

Be warned: your account information is stored in every file

Although iTunes Plus music features no copy protection, files downloaded still contain the email address you have registered with iTunes. So although files can physically be shared with, and played by, friends and family, any of your purchases that end up on file-sharing networks, for example, can be traced back to you.

Right-click on an iTunes Plus file in either the Windows (Windows 8 compatible) or Mac version of iTunes, choose "Get Info", and you'll find your name, e-mail address, as well as the purchase date.

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So, if you don't want to hit unexpected lawsuit by being accused spreading copyrighted content illegally, you need to hide the tail by eliminating your personal information.

How to remove personal account info from iTunes bought music

The only way to remove personal account info from iTunes plus purchased music is to break out of Apple's 'Fair Play' DRM system by resorting to a third party DRM-removal application.

Aimersoft Music Converter is such a tool handy for you. It performs as a professional copyright-protected music converter and DRM remover, helps to free both the music and purchaser's personal account info from iTunes DRM restriction by extracting the file content legally.

The powerful conversion engine offers 4x faster speed and the same 256Kbps AAC output quality as iTunes store.

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