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How to Remove DRM Protection from WMA Files

Maybe you've got some protected WMA files downloaded or purchased from Amazon Unbox, Zune MarkerPlace, Nokia Music Store, Rhapsody, Pandora, Spiral Frog, etc. and want to get rid of the DRM protection so that you can play them on portable media player like iPod, PSP, Archos, etc. If you're looking for ways to remove DRM from WMA, then you've come to the right place. In this article, you'll learn how to crack DRM protection from WMA songs and convert them to MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A, etc. to fit any music player.

To remove WMA DRM, you need a DRM removal tool. There are thousands of software programs available. Concerning the output audio quality and stability,here Aimersoft DRM Removal which run well in Windows (Windows 8) is strongly recommended to help your strip DRM protection from WMA files. With it, you can easily unlock protected WMA songs and convert them to any regular audio format so that you can play them on players like iPod touch, iPhone, PSP, Zen, etc. What's more, it also allows you to convert protected M4V, M4P, M4B, WMV and ASF. Now download this DRM converter and follow the guide below to strip WMA DRM effectively.

Download WMA DRM Removal:

Download Windows Version

How to remove WMA DRM protection

1Add WMA songs

Launch the DRM converter and click "Add..." on the main interface to import the protected WMA files. You can also import files by simply drag-and-drops. Note that make sure your WMA songs play well in Windows Media Player. Otherwise, there may be no sound in the output audio files.

remove drm from wma

2Choose output format

This DRM converter can convert DRM WMA to any popular audio format. Just specify an format you prefer by clicking "Audio files to" > "Common Audio" and then select a format from the list. You can then click "Browse" to specify a folder to stored the DRM-removed files.

remove wma drm

3Start conversion

The final step is to click "Start" on the lower right to converting DRM-ed WMA to DRM-free files in your desired format. When the conversion completes, click "Find Target" to get the DRM-free audio files directly. After that, you can easily share them with friends and play them anywhere with ease.

Download Windows Version

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this sucks is their a way to use windows media player
doesnt work for me
What about time limitations on the trial? Some of the Aimersoft software limits to one minute. Is that true for this software? Also, should I only use a clip that is strictly one minute (assuming the free trial is limited to one minute) or would it easily convert the first 60 seconds of a much longer song and then play the sample for me? I need to know before I download.
Finding a way to unlock protected WMA songs and convert them for play on an iPod touch has been very frustrating. Most software won't allow for good DRM WMA files conversion. Or, if you take off the DRM protection, you can't convert to your chosen file output. Aimersoft DRM Removal solves both issues.
Aimersoft Employee
Hello, Aimersoft DRM Media Converter full version costs $35.95. There are many WMA DRM removals in the market. But the one from us can be the best one. You can search and decide. Thanks for your interest.
Aimersoft Employee
Hello, Alexander. You can download and have a try by yourself. There is no functional difference between the trial version and the full version. 
Who knew it could be so easy to remove DRM from WMA files.  This software makes the process super simple, even for a novice.  Very happy I tried it out.  
And, how does the price after trial ends compare with similar software?  Or, is there anything similar in the market?  It will be nice to try out the software.  Thanks for the suggestion. 
Recently, I heard someone complaining they couldn't get audio when using this software.  I don't think they read that part of your article: "... make sure your WMA songs play well in Windows Media Player. Otherwise, there may be no sound in the output audio files."  This little tip saved me so much time and headache.  The first song I converted didn't have sound.  But, once I followed this advice, the rest were perfect.  Thanks so much.
For anyone who has tried this software, what is the audio quality like? It seems like a very worthwhile software.  Just wondering how well the audio holds up to the process. 
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