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How to Unlock Ringtones With DRM

Nowadays, more and more people like to gain their wanted ringtones online for free. Unfortunately, some cellular service providers do their best to have users pay for these media content. They make use of a technology named Digital Rights Management protection to limit the use of these paid audio files.

However, one possible way of unlocking ringtones with DRM you might think of is to record a DRM-free copy of these ringtones by using a free audio capturing program. You can find them for free online. And the process to create DRM-free recordings by using these audio-capturing apps is roughly similar.

Note: Make sure this app can create a DRM-free ringtone in an appropriate format for your cell phone.

1. After the download and installation of an audio capture, open it and then load the ringtone by going to "File">"Upload/Import”.

2. Start to create DRM-free recordings.

3. Save the newly recorded ringtones to your PC in a format that is supported by your mobile devices. Then you can put them on your cell phone for enjoyment.

Audio recorder is the best solution for you to gain your favorite ringtones, radio broadcasts and anything else streaming online. But if you've had a lot of DRM ringtones on your PC and want to remove ringtones DRM so that you can reuse them freely, you can use a DRM ringtone removal.

DRM Music Converter is such one, which can allow you to reuse your paid ringtones or share them with others without extra money. For example, DRM-protected ringtones from Verizon can't be played on an AT&T phone, but once the DRM is removed, you can import the Verizon ringtones to your AT&T phone without any trouble.

Let me walk you through the ringtone DRM removal in detail.

Step 1: After running it, you need to import your DRM ringtones. Directly drag-drop the target music files to this app, or click the top-left "+Add" button to import them. This app supports batch conversion. So you can import several music files in this step.

Step 2: Then hit "settings" option to choose output format you want from the drop-down format list. Usually select MP3 as the output format because of its wide use.

unlock ringtones with DRM

Step 3: Click "Start" button at the lower right corner on the main window to remove ringtones DRM. When the conversion is finished, you can freely import these non-DRM ringtones to your mobile phones for use.

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