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Top 4 WMA DRM Removal Freeware for Windows

Have got some WMA songs from Amazon, Nokia Music Store, Rhapsody, Zune MarketPlace, etc. but only to find they are protected by DRM and can only play on some specified media players? Want to remove DRM from WMA for free so that you can enjoy them anywhere without any limitations? Here we go. In this article, the best 4 free WMA DRM removals for Windows are listed for your choice. Just read on to find out the one you like.

1. FairUse4WM

If you have valid licenses for your WMA files and can play them on your computer without any restrictions, you can use FariUse4WM to get rid of the DRM header of the WMA files so as to get lossless conversion of DRM protected WMA files. In addition to WMA, it can also remove DRM from WMV and ASF. Just note that FairUse4WM is not available in Windows  7. If you want to strip DRM from WMA in Windows 7, please turn to FairUse4WM alternative for Windows 7.

wma drm removal freeware

2. Automate unDRM 2.0

Automate unDRM is a free WMA DRM removal tool that is also capable of removing DRM encryption from WMV and ASF files. The same as FairUse4WM, you need to have valid license files if you want to use it unlock DRM from WMA.

free wma drm removal

3. freeme2

freeme2 is is a free console application for stripping DRM protection from WMA, WMV and ASF files. This app is relatively hard to use since you need to learn how to use console applications to run it.

remove wma drm free

4. AlongWhole

AnalogWhole is a free Windows  DRM remover that lets you convert DRM protected WMA and WAV to DRM-free MP3 for iTunes, iPod and other MP3 players. It records the sound while playing files with Windows Media Player and then encodes them as MP3 files.

remove wma drm free

In summary, the above free WMA DRM removal tool can help you effortlessly unlock your WMA files so that you can play them anywhere you like. Just enjoy your music files.

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