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How to Transfer Music from Rhapsody to iTunes (iTunes 11)

Does Rhapsody work with iTunes? How to transfer music from Rhapsody to iTunes library so that I can play the music on my iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.? Many people are asking htese questions. To understand whether or not Rhapsody is compatible with iTunes, you need to know the following two things:

1. Purchased music from Rhapsody comes DRM-free and usually in MP3 format. You can transfer it to any MP3 player you want with no limit. This way, you can easily transfer songs from Rhapsody to iTunes.

2. Subscription music files from Rhapsody are usually WMA audio files that are protected by DRM. In fact, you are not the owner of the songs and can’t keep them as you like. Due to the DRM encryption, iTunes cannot play Rhapsody subscription music. In this way, you need to remove DRM from Rhapsody.

Download Rhapsody to iTunes converter for free here:

Download Windows Version

So if you have some Rhapsody protected WMA songs and want to transfer them to iTunes for playback on iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. you need a DRM converter to remove DRM from Rhapsody and convert protected WMA to iTunes supported formats like MP3. To do this, you can rely on Aimersoft DRM Media Converter. It can remove Rhapsody DRM and convert WMA to MP3 with ease. Note that this DRM converter can also convert protected videos and unprotected videos/audio. Popular formats like WMV, M4V, MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, ASF, M4B, MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, etc. are all supported. Besides Rhapsody, it can also remove DRM from Amazon, Napster, BBC iPlayer, iTunes (iTunes 11), etc.

Get the DRM converter and follow the guide  below  to learn how to use it to convert and transfer protected Rhapsody music to iTunes (iTunes 11) quickly and easily.

Easy way to transfer Rhapsody to iTunes

1 Import protected Rhapsody WMA songs into the program

After launching Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, click the "Add..." button to select files from your computer or drag the files into the main display window. (You can also choose "Find DRM" to automatically load all the DRM-protected files on your hard drive.)

convert rhapsody to itunes

2 Choose the output format and output path

Select "MP3" as the output format under "Audio files to". If you like, you can click "Settings" to change the frame rate, bit rate, etc. And under "Output path", click "Browse" to select a folder to save the converted files.

transfer rhapsody to itunes

3 Start to convert Rhapsody to iTunes

When its done, click "Start" on the right bottom to begin converting Rhapsody downloaded DRM WMA to DRM-free MP3 supported by iTunes. Now just wait a few moments for the conversion to finish.

4 Transfer Rhapsody music to iTunes

When conversion is complete, you can find the MP3 files in the output folder. You can Open iTunes and add these files to your library.  This way, you can make Rhapsody work seamlessly with iTunes, and focus on just enjoying your music!

Here is a video tutorial on how to transfer music from Rhapsody to iTunes:

Free download Rhapsody to iTunes converter:

Download Windows Version

About Rhapsody - The Digital Music Service

Rhapsody, a digital music service, is one of the most well-known and popular names today in the music download industry. You can use this service to listen just about anything from any location. Rhapsody has a library with over five million titles, offering great search capabilities for convenient and fast download.

This digital music service offers options for pay per song and subscription. Through the subscription services, users can download unlimited songs to their MP3 players or computers. The only thing is that these songs will be encoded with DRM or digital rights management so they will only work while the subscription is valid.

The MP3 Store is the latest addition to Rhapsody family, with all the albums and tracks sold without DRM protection. You are able to use them on iPod; upload songs many computers; transfer to other types of portable music devices and burn to numerous CDs.

Rhapsody is certainly an over achiever within the industry with millions of titles and music genres readily available. Choose this service to build a music collection that is complete with full albums, millions of songs and artist hits which spans over the decades. You will have the ability to play all the songs that you want, anywhere.

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This software is being marketed as free, but any files I convert will be cut off after one minute. Not sure where the "free" part comes in, but I wanted to use this as an alternative to SoundTaxi which started letting down and now I''m expected to pay for something I essentially already had. Fuck this program and fuck Aimersoft for falsely advertising its products. A scam.
Does not work with Rhapsody unless you still have a subscription with them. Works great with others though. Wish there was a way I could remove the DRM from my music I bought from Rhapsody without having to renew my subscription.
It depends on which directory you have chosen when downloading the subscription files from rhapsody.
where do I find the subscription files from rhapsody on my computer? I have looked under rhapsody in my c drive and there is no rhapsody folder in my music...
David John
Rhapsody is such a popular site to buy and download music from; but sometimes, you want to be able to enjoy all your music in one central location such as iTunes or on an iPod. Good thing for the DRM Media Converter.
I've transferred the converted files to iTunes. Now, how do I get them onto my iPod Touch?
I have a generic mp3 player (not ipod); so I'll be eager to download the trial version of this software and see if it can help me convert some of my rhapsody songs to my ipod imitator (mp3 player) device.
Aimersoft Employee
Yeah, you can keep the songs as long as you like.
You mentioned how you don't have permanent ownership with a Rhapsody subscription.  If I use this software, would I be able to keep the songs longer; such as they would belong to me?  That would be important, just in case I leave my Rhapsody membership. 
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