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How to Convert Protected WMA to MP3 from Bearshare, Naspter, Rhapsody

This tutorial focus on how to convert protected WMA to MP3, (espesially those copy protected wma music downloaded or purchased from online music store or P2P sites like Napster, Rhapsody, Windows Media, Zune Marketplace, Yahoo music, Kazaa, Bearshare, iMesh, or LimeWire), then you can enjoy them on various portable players you have, like iPod, iPhone, iPad,PSP, PS3, Zune, Xbox, Creative Zen, Archos, Iriver, Sansa, Blackberry, Samsung, Sonywalkman, Nokia, Palm, HTC, LG, etc.

Here are some representative questions regarding convert DRM-ed WMA to MP3 for your reference:

1. I have a lot of music in my Windows Media that is protected WMA. I want to my music on my iPod. What is the best way to convert protected WMA audio files to MP3?

Napster WMA to MP3

2. I downloaded a bunch of songs from Napster but they are in protected WMA which iTune won't play, so is there any protected Napster WMA music to MP3 converter that can convert WMA files for my iPod?

convert Napster WMA to MP3

3. I'm using Yahoo Juke box to download the songs but they download in protected WMA. I want a protected WMA files to MP3 converter that I can put the songs on my Zune.

Rhapsody WMA to MP3

4. I just started using KaZaA and didn't realize you cant burn audio files to a CD because they're protected WMA format. How do I convert protected WMA to MP3?

Bearshare WMA to MP3

5. I have subscribed to Rhapsody.com and downloaded music from them, but I can't listen to the songs from Rhapsody on the iPod since they are DRM protected WMA. I want to know if there is any Rhapsody WMA songs to MP3 converter available that can convert the Rhapsody songs into an iPod compatible MP3.

Rhapsody WMA to MP3 converter

6. I just downloaded music from Bearshare and when I put the music into my psp, it says not supported. I've already enabled WMA playback. All I want is a good Bearshare WMA music to MP3 converter so that i can disable the protection from the wma music so that i can put them in my psp.

Bearshare WMA to MP3 converter

7. I downloaded iMesh, and I got loads of great songs that I wanted. Unfortunately, when I tried to transfer the files on my iPod, iTunes said they are protected WMA and could not be converted. Looking around, I've seen people suggest burning a CD that contains all the songs and then re-ripping them, but I sort of have over 350 songs, and although it's possible, I really wouldn't prefer it. Any good protected WMA to MP3 converter can do it?

Napster WMA to MP3

8. I recently bought an iPod, and need to transfer my songs that I purchased from the Zune Marketplace to iTunes. Whenever I try to drag them into iTunes, it says that they are protected and can't be converted. Is there any such protected WMA converter that can convert protected WMA audio files to MP3?

Napster WMA to MP3 converter

9. How to upload a song from LimeWire to itune to your ipod touch? I know it's possible, I've seen it done before, but when I drag and drop the songs on to itune it says it's protected by a WMA format (Or something like that), any idea to convert protected WMA songs to MP3 or AAC?

Limewire WMA to MP3

How to convert protected WMA audio to MP3 from Napster/Rhapsody/Bearshare/Limewire

Here I recommend a gorgeous DRM music converter- Music Converter. As it can:

1. Remove DRM Protection from WMA, WMV, M4P, M4A,M4V, M4B...
2. Convert music songs to audio formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, AC3, M4A, etc. and play music on mp3 players like: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Zune, Zen, PSP, HTC, Nokia, etc.

1Download and install the program

Free download the Music Converter, install and launch it, the default settings work well with your PC, you don't need to make any more configeration.

2Add files to the program

Run the program and click the Add button to load the media files you want to convert. Or simply drag the files to the main window. Then click Settings to choose output format you like, as well as the bit rate and sample rate if you're a Hi-Fi.

Napster WMA to MP3 converter

3Start conversion

When finish the first 2 steps, hit the Start button lower-righted on the main window, conversion will be soon done.

NOTE: If you want to remove DRM from video files, this DRM Media Converter (which dose more jobs than the Aimersoft Protected Music Converter) can do all jobs for you, like stripping DRM, converting video formats.

Below is a video tutorial on how to convert protected WMA to MP3:

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Hello, I tried that and I'm having the issue that Henry had. I upgraded my computer to windows 8.1. (hard disk formatted.) I re-downloaded my aimersoft and entered my registration key. When I click check driver's it says "all drivers are installed successfully!" . However, even windows media player says that it doesn't have rights to play the file. (wma from xbox music.) Only xbox music does. My goal is to be able to listen to my music on my Apple shuffle when I exercise (which clips to my shirt) rather than having to hold my windows phone. Do you guys need some kind of update to counter this? It used to work a couple of months ago.
Aimersoft employee
Hi Henry. You can take the following steps to solve your problem. Firstly, you need to make sure your file plays well in iTunes or Windows Media Player. Next, click Tools > Preference. And then click the Check Driver button on the DRM tab. Lastly, uninstall the previous version of DRM Media Converter and install the latest one.
Something is blocking my music converter, i have tried everything, it gets stuck at Please Wait on conversion. Any help will be appreciated.
The DRM music converter gives me the choice to play my music files when and how I want without having to explain to anyone. I love it for that. And, so many places I can buy music from now; I'm not limited anymore.
It was such a pain when I purchased my iPod and found out that my Zune music couldn't be played on it. I needed a quick solution. And, the DRM Music converter was just the solution I needed. The drag and drop features of this software lets me easily onvert protected WMA audio files to MP3.
This rings true!  For so long, I've received the same error messages when trying to play my files on the wrong platform.  Of course, at the time, I didn't realize the files needed conversion. Since reading this, I've downloaded the trial version and tried it out and many of the files that were difficult to play on other devices; now play flawlessly.  Thanks so much for helping me solve this dilemma. 
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