How to Listen to Deezer on Apple TV

In this guide, we are going to introduce how to put Deezer on Apple TV, and how to download Deezer on Apple TV.

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Do you want to listen Deezer on Apple TV ?

Music has become an integral part of our lives and with so many genres out there, each person has at least two three genres he would completely dip himself in to enjoy music. It has become a trend to have a huge playlist and phone storages could go against this wish of ours. This can cause a lot of problem to the users and hence deezer has eliminated this problem for us with their feature of adding up our playlists and libraries of music on their servers which we can access through our phones at any time.

Deezer now has kept up with the moving times and has realised the need of music at big social gatherings as well. For obvious reasons of low sound decibels a cell phone or a laptop cannot be used to play music in a party. A home theatre or a surround sound system is very much required in these situations which are hooked up through your television screens. CDs are outdated now and can store hardly any data so the pains of removing a CD and changing it after every 20-30mins will have to be taken on. Looking at these issues deezer has now been made available over Apple TV as well. Steps to synchronize deezer apple TV are as follows

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Part 1. How to put deezer on Apple TV

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Apple TV

• Connect your apple TV to your television
• Install apple TV if you have to and run it
• Running Deezer on Apple TV is going to require the apple TV box so in case you don’t have it you will have to purchase it from the market and plug it in to your television screen and run it.

listen deezer on apple tv

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Apple device

• Make sure you have an apple device with you
• It could be an iPhone or iPad or a MacBook for this
• Apple TV can synchronize only with an Apple device so it is mandatory to have an apple device for this procedure
• Make sure you have the deezer application on your apple device as well.
• If you don’t have the application you can go to the app store and download apple tv deezer

listen deezer on apple tv

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• For those who do not know, AirPlay is an option given in all apple devices which enables it’s users to stream data through their apple device to other apple devices such as Apple TV, Air-Port express and Airplay enabled speakers.
• Go to your settings in your apple product (such as iPod, iPhone or iPad ) and go to the settings
• Connect to the WiFi available
• Switch on your Apple TV and go the settings option on your Apple TV as well
• Connect to the sake WiFi. Make sure you connect to the same WiFi else this won’t work
• Go on to the Airplay option and switch it on
• Go to your apple device now and swipe up and tap on the airplay toggle in the notification centre.
• You will now have successfully mirrored your apple device to your apple TV.

listen deezer on apple tv

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Deezer application

• Now your apple device has successfully mirrored on your television screen through apple TV
• Go in the menu and tap on the deezer application
• You can now play your music through deezer on your television with your home theatre system.

listen deezer on apple tv

In this way you can have a deezer apple TV synchronization done successfully. Instead of mirroring you can also download the deezer on your Apple TV device whenever you’d want. This is comparatively easier since you would not have to go through the process of mirroring and just running the application on it directly. Steps to download the deezer application are as follows.

Part 2. How to download deezer on Apple TV

• Connect your apple TV to your television
• In a case where you do not have an apple TV set top box purchase one from the iStore or the internet
• Once you’ve bought the Apple TV, connect it to your television screen via an HDMI cable. This will be provided to you by Apple in the Apple TV box.
• Switch on Apple TV and run the setup.
• Make sure your apple TV is connected to the internet
• Launch the AppStore from your Apple TV home screen to access the iOS market where you can download applications paid or free.
• Make sure you’re in the featured tab
• Search for the application you want, in this case Deezer
• You can also set the filters by browsing through categories
• On locating Deezer you can click on the option get to download it
• Once you click on it you will have to sign in to your apple account, or in simpler terms type your password and hit send
• Click on OK and install the application
• Your application will be installed on your apple TV.

Apple TV deezer synchronization can be achieved in this way as well. Running deezer directly on apple TV is much better than running it on your phone and going through the tedious process of mirroring. This method is useful when you don’t have an access to any other apple device and want to listen to your music. Deezer is a widely used product over apple TV in United States and has been making the process of storing music easier since then. This French based site currently has more than 5million users and the number is increasing.

Reason for deezer being so popular is that it helps you store countless data of music on their servers and storage is no issue with them. Brainchild of Daniel Marhley, deezer was made with this thought in mind. Deezer currently is available in most of the countries offering a host of languages therefore catering to a lot of users around the globe. Deezer is available on iOS, Android, windows and many other smart phone platforms as well. Deezer is the best music storage site for any music lover in today’s and it also provides its own list of songs to choose from so we can make our playlists directly from deezer's music collection as well.

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