AVI Downloader - Directly Download Online Videos to AVI Format on Mac (Mojave)

If you want to download AVI videos or download videos to AVI format, you only need to choose a powerful AVI video downloader. Read on to learn the easy steps.

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If you want to download online videos and convert them to AVI, then an AVI downloader is what you've been looking for. By downloading videos to AVI format, you can play your downloaded Internet videos with most media players on your computer, and on any AVI compatible devices. Actually, you're not alone. There are many people search for a solution to download video to AVI format.

Here is a solution: you need to download these AVI videos, either with an online downloader, or with a desktop software program designed especially to download AVI videos from such websites. However, downloading AVI videos can be tricky, because the files can get corrupted on the way. If this happens, you won’t be able to play the videos, and you will get an error message. In this article, I will introduce you two ways to achieve the goal - desktop solution and online solution.

Part 1. Desktop Solution: The Best AVI Video Downloader for Mac

iTube HD Video Downloader is a helpful AVI video downloader program that allows you to download videos from video sharing sites like YouTube to AVI video on your computer. With the help of this AVI video downloader and converter, you can also convert your local videos to AVI in one click.

iTube HD Video Downloader - The Best AVI Downloader

  • Download videos from YouTube and other 10,000+ video sharing sites with one click.
  • Download videos with 3X faster speed using the Turbo Mode.
  • Download entire YouTube playlist with one click.
  • Download then Convert Mode enables you to download videos to any format directly.
  • Downloader extension works perfectly with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.
  • Transfer downloaded videos to your mobile devices with one click.

How to Download AVI Videos or Convert Videos to AVI on Mac

iTube HD Video Downloader an easy-to-use AVI downloader that detects video in your browser and save it as AVI file (make settings before downloading) on your computer. While other video downloaders only save the file in Flash video (FLV), iTube HD Video Downloader is the all-in-one AVI downloader and converter that you can rely on. With it, you can download AVI video from 1000+ video sharing sites. Depending on the source video quality, up to 1080p HD videos are supported. Although there are programs that let you download FLV files then separately convert it into AVI, they take too much time and effort than iTube HD Video Downloader. Try it to find the truth.

Step 1. Open iTube AVI Downloader for Mac

Download the right version of iTube HD Video Downloader according to your operating system. Here takes the Mac version for example. Install the program by dragging the setup file to Applications. It is done automatically in a few seconds. After installed this AVI downloader, a Download button will be integrated into your browser.

AVI downloader for mac download

Step 2. Download AVI Videos from Website

To download all the videos you've been dreaming about, launch your browser and go to the video streaming websites. Play the desired video. You will notice a new button on the top left corner of the video, saying Download. Click the Download button and choose the quality of the video. You have the possibility to download HD videos as well.

Tip: For registered user, in the Download then Convert mode, you can save any video from the supported sites to the specified AVI format. To do so, click the Download then Convert switch and the format choosing window will open. Choose AVI from Video category and click OK to confirm. From now on, all video will be directly downloaded to AVI format by clicking the Download button and Paste URL (copy URL first) right from your browsers.

download then convert

Step 3. Convert Downloaded Videos to AVI Format

If you want to convert the videos you have downloaded from websites to AVI format, you can click the Downloaded tab and select the target video. On the right side of the video list, you will see a "Add to Convert List" ion. You can click the icon to add the video to the "Convert" tab for video format conversion. Then click the Convert button to activate the window for output format. Then choose Video > AVI to set the output format. Click OK to start the conversion.

AVI converter

Part 2. Online Solution - Video Downloader for AVI Format

If you are in a hurry, and you need to download only one or two AVI videos, you can try DoVideo Online Video Downloader. This online downloader enables you to download videos from YouTube and other websites easily. It works pretty well on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and it allows you to download one video at a time. You'll only need to go to the video sharing site and copy the video URL, then paste the video URL into the website to download AVI video.

AVI converter - DoVideo Online Video Downloader

Part 3. Possible Problems with Online AVI Movie Downloader

The problem with these online downloaders is that they are not stable. For example, if you have a network error or a connection break, you will need to start the download all over again. Also, during the download, the file can get corrupted, which means you won’t be able to play it on your Mac. For long term use, a professional tool like iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac is recommended.

The reason why iTube AVI Video Downloader is the best is because it allows you to save online video to AVI encoding without convert video to AVI manually after you've downloaded it. For those who aren't tech-savvy about file formats, AVI is the more universal kind of file type that can work anywhere and any device. It literally runs on any and all computer media devices. It's the file type that can be run anywhere, from your Macintosh computer to your iPhone. The conversion capabilities of this program is super-fast, plus you can even format it into other file types, like 3GP (best for phones), MPEG1/2, MPEG-4, MOV (for Macintosh machines), WMV (for Windows machines), and (of course) AVI. If you want to download AVI video from Flash video sites like YouTube, Vevo, and Dailymotion, then this is your best bet.

It also doesn't matter what browser you use. Whether you're a Chrome, Safari, or Firefox user, iTube HD Video Downloader will work just fine on all of them. At any rate, you'll also be given extra conversion instructions as you download the video. Other programs let you download the video first before you can convert them, but not with iTube HD Video Downloader. You don't need to overcomplicate a simple process. Click once to download, click twice when complete to play. And you're done. It's definitely the best AVI downloader you should try.

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