How to Download Halloween Theme Songs and Make Ringtones for Your Phones

October has always been a month that presents a person with lots of opportunities to scare the living daylight out of people. As a result, people are always willing to go to different lengths just to get the perfect thing to scare people. Aside the normal Halloween costumes and props that are sold in a lot of shops out there and even online, one other way that one can also achieve maximum effect is with Halloween songs. Halloween theme songs are one of the creepiest ways of getting people scared out of the wits. This is due to the fact that each of these Halloween songs are filled with so much suspenseful themes and they portray a world that is very scary and creepy like AC/DC’s Highway to Hell. When such songs are played either as a background song in a place filled with creepy props and costumes or as a ringing tone on a phone, it helps to take the scary part to a whole new level.

Using a particular Halloween theme song as a ringtone for your mobile device does not require you playing the whole song. In the making of ringtones from songs, only certain special parts of the song can be used and it is for this reason that one needs to have the best software that can perform such tasks without any problem.

How to Download Halloween Theme Songs and Make Ringtones

On this note, Aimersoft Music Recorder for Windows (or Aimersoft Music Recorder for Mac) is what we recommend for you. This is an application that has all the features needed in order to make a ringtone out of a very popular creepy Halloween song. When it comes to downloading an application that is of the highest quality, there is no other than can compete with the Aimersoft Music Recorder software as it brings a lot of the features that can be found on other applications individually together on one platform. It has a very friendly user interface which makes it very simple to operate.

download halloween theme songs for ringtones

Key Features of Aimersoft Music Recorder:

  • Allow you to download songs from any audio and video sites.
  • It can remove ads and noise and separate tracks for you.
  • You can keep the recorded songs to MP3 or M4A.
  • An "Add to iTunes" button let you export songs to iTunes.
  • You also can burn the songs to CD or make ringtones.

Guide to Download Halloween Theme Songs for Ringtones

By now people will be wondering how you can use the Aimersoft Music Recorder to download Halloween theme songs and make ringtones for phones. Well, this is very easy unlike certain similar downloading applications. The steps below will give you an insight into using the Aimersoft Music Recorder to download and make ringtones for phones.

Step 1. Download the Aimersoft Music Recorder

In order to be able to use the Aimersoft Music Recorder, you must first have the application installed on your computer. Then open the application and click on the "Record" button which can be found on the top left corner of the Aimersoft Music Recorder to make it ready to work.

download halloween theme music for ringtones

Step 2. Start to Download Halloween Theme Songs

Now go to visit sites like iTunes, Rhapsody and BBC Radio and start playing your favourite Halloween songs online. The audio recorder automatically starts to record any song that you will play online in any of the sites that you will visit. This application supports over 500 sites that allow a user to play songs online for free.

Step 3. Make a Ringtone with Halloween Songs

After recording the Halloween songs you want, you can click the "Music" icon at the bottom of the program to open ringtone making window.

Then click on one of the songs and slide to select a section of the Halloween song that you want to use. And then click on the use as ringtone on the pop-up menu that comes up after clicking on the options key. Lastly, click on "Save" to save the ringtone that you made and send it to your mobile device.

how to download halloween theme music for ringtones

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