Comparison of Top Alternatives to JDownloader

How to find the best JDownloader alternative? Here's a comprehensive review of programs similar to JDownloader that will be helpful to you.

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Just about any program can download a few items from the internet, but at some point, the very items you are attempting to get may not want to play nice getting to your computer or other media devices. JDownloader and programs like it attempt to provide a seamless transition from a site to your device. The files to be downloaded don’t have to be large or have a lot of mixed Java or other types of scripts to be a hassle. And having them in some kind of order is also a nice touch.

JDownloader is a free and open source download management tool designed by a community of developers to make the downloading easy and fast for the users. The app comes with the option of start, stop and even pause downloads. It can save you from waiting for hours and hours just to download your favorite videos. It’s available for Mac, Windows and Linux. It can let you download several files at once. You can run this app on Java 1.5 and even higher versions. It is integrated with a number of modules too. Now we are going to introduce some slternatives to JDownloader.

Part 1. The Best Freecorder Alternative for Mac OS X

There are a number of healthy group of JDownloader similar programs that is capable of running on multiple operating systems as well as providing some excellent managing controls without bringing the whole operation to a grinding halt. These alternatives to JDownloader are proving themselves to be as innovative with bringing compatibility to their programs as do the developers providing new content. The more supportive sites, the easier and hopefully better quality downloads will be. Below are the top alternatives for Mac users, some of which can be used on multiple operation systems.






1 iTube HD Video Downloader $34.95
  • Works with 1000+ video-sharing and social media sites.
  • Allows to select resolution when downloading, including 4K.
  • One clik to download the entire playlist or channel from YouTube.
  • All-in-one video downloader, video converter and video player.
  • Lifetime product upgrade and support.
  • Cross-platform software.
  • Allows to manage videos.
  • No editing feature.
2 Folx $ 19.95 (personal licence)
  • Suitable for power downloading.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Allows to assign tags to the downloads.
  • Fast threading downloading.
  • You need to pay for the pro version.
  • No bandwidth manager available in the pro version.
3 iGetter $25.00
  • Accelerated downloads.
  • Resume broken downloads.
  • Allows to search and add server mirrors.
  • Site explorer.
  • Poor integration with some browsers.
  • Poor interface design.
  • Cannot work with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
4 Leech $14.00
  • Supports file sharing sites.
  • Multiple ways to download videos.
  • Accept URL coding.
  • Conveniently manage the downloads.
  • Does not have a good user interface.
5 Progressive Downloader Free
  • Supports multi-thread downloading.
  • Capable of host service download.
  • Supports Mirror search.
  • Hogs up often.
  • Incompatible with Mac OS X 10.8 or above.

Part 2. Fix Freecorder Not Working Problems

Here is the list of JDownloader similar programs for Windows from the best ones to the normal ones.






1 iTube HD Video Downloader $29.00
  • Download videos from 1000+ sites at 3X faster speed.
  • Provides video resolution selection.
  • Automatically detects the video for downloading.
  • Converts videos to any format or device without quality loss.
  • Inbuilt browser, video player and task scheduler.
  • Cross-platform software.
  • None.
2 Internet Download Manager $29.95
  • Pause, restart download.
  • Speed management tool.
  • Easy way to download videos and stuff.
  • Does not support torrent download.
  • May slow download the computer.
3 FlashGet Free
  • Simultaneous download across multi protocols.
  • File sectioning.
  • Auto threat cleaning.
  • Separate plug-in required.
4 Mipony Free
  • Web and Android remote control access.
  • 250 supported websites.
  • Built-in browser available.
  • Slow built-in browser.
  • Installs junk without asking.
5 Orbit Downloader Free
  • Capable of downloading social music/videos and other stuff.
  • Supports RTMP/ MMS/RTSP.
  • Supports downloading email and attachments.
  • Does not support download from password protected files.
  • Only compatible with Windows 7.

Part 3. Top JDownloader for Chrome

Here is the list of replacements for JDownloader Chrome:






1 iTube HD Video Downloader $34.95
  • Download videos from popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo and more.
  • Supports downloading 4K videos and entire playlist from YouTube.
  • Download and convert multiple videos at the same time.
  • Supports a variety of media formats and portable devices.
  • Lifetime product upgrade and support service.
  • Cross-platform software.
  • You need to pay for the full version.
2 Download Accelerator Plus $24.95
  • Simple downloading process.
  • Save videos from many sites.
  • Download videos to MO3 and other formats.
  • You cannot specify formats for the videos you wish to download.
3 FreeRapid Downloader Free
  • Multi-language.
  • Supports downloading from multiple services.
  • Smart clipboard.
  • Offers download history.
  • Cannot convert videos.
  • Requires Java installation.
4 CryptLoad Free
  • Supports file sharing sites.
  • Multiple ways to download videos.
  • Accept URL coding.
  • Conveniently manage the downloads.
  • Minor bugs.
  • Difficult interface.
  • Doesn't support Mac.
5 DownThemAll Free
  • Viable selection tools available.
  • Lightweight.
  • Direct downloading from browser.
  • Pause and resume option.
  • Difficult interface.
  • Doesn't connect to servers.
  • Only works with Firefox.

Part 4. Why iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac Is The Best JDownloader Alternative

iTube HD Video Downloader seems to be the best substitute for JDownloader in all categories whether it’s for Mac, Windows or Chrome. The question is why is that so? The program is got plenty of wonderful features which make it worthy. Check out the feature below:

iTube HD Video Downloader - The Best JDownloader Alternative

  • It works with a number of 1000+ video-sharing and social media sites.
  • Download and convert videos in batches at 3X faster speed.
  • Offers a built in browser and a HD video player to enhance your entertainment experience.
  • Schedule your computer to shut down automatically after the download is finished.
  • Provides a user friendly interface and lifetime upgrade.

Easy Steps for Using iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac

Step 1.Download Music Video in One Click

Run the JDownloader replacement for Mac and open your web browser to visit the video sharing site like YouTube. Play the video you want to download and then mouse over the video window. Now you’ll see a Download button floating on the top left corner of the video. You can click it to select a preferred resolution. The program will subsequently download it for you.

best jdownloader alternative

Alternatively, you can also copy the video URL and then resume to the program and click the Paste URL button. Or you can drag and drop the video URL to the program to add it to the download queue.

jdownloader alternative

Step 2. Set the Output Format to Convert Videos

You can check the downloading progress under the Downloading tab and access the downloaded clips under the Downloaded tab. To convert the downloaded video, please click Downloaded; Convert to set the output format for your file. Click OK to start the conversion.

jdownloader 2 alternative

Tips: The program supports batch download and convert. You can start multiple tasks at the same time. Besides, you can also double click on the downloaded clips to watch them with the inbuilt media player.

Part 5. Jdownloader Not Working Fixed!

JDownloader is a great software and Chrome plugin that can help you pull videos, pictures, and other files right off of a webpage. While users sometimes run into problems, there is usually an easy fix available. JDownloader not working for you? Let’s see if we can help!

1. JDownloader isn’t installing!

Some computers are set up so that only people with permission can download new programs. You may need to get approval from your network administrator. Also, make sure you are downloading the files from JDownloader's website. Other installers are known to have problems and stop before the download is complete.

2. I can’t get JDownloader to open!

If JDownloader isn’t opening, or if it’s only opening to a greyed out drop down menu, your firewall may be blocking some features of the software. Make sure your firewall is currently allowing Java, specifically java.exe and javaw.exe. If you open up your firewall software, it should allow you to set up access for specific applications. The exact steps involved will vary depending on your firewall, but you can always reach out to your vendor for help.
In other cases, this problem is caused by not having the latest version of JDownloader. Try updating the software or uninstalling and reinstalling the program.

3. My download got interrupted!

If your computer restarted or your internet disconnected while you were downloading, you are going to experience an interruption in your download. JDownloader has an auto-reconnect feature that is supposed to automatically restart the download as soon as the program is restarted, but this doesn’t always work. Luckily, they have added a handy reconnect button that should get your downloads started right where they left off.

4. The linkgrabber isn’t working!

Normally, if you copy a link into the clipboard, any videos, pictures, or other files on that website show up as available for download. If this isn’t working for you, make sure that you have clipboard monitoring turned on. If the little clipboard icon with the tiny checkmark has a dark background, you are good to go! If not, give it a click and try your link again. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the software.

5. My download won’t start!

First, make sure you have the latest version of JDownloader installed. Older versions aren’t always supported and may stop working over time. You will also want to update Java. If you have both softwares up to date and are still having trouble, try restarting the program multiple times, then hitting the restart button. This has solved the problem for some versions of JDownloader.

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