Your All-In-One Guide to Playlist Download

When Will You Need to Download Playlist?

Offline Playback on Road Trip

Family road trip can be a fun adventure, but if it's a long trip, it will become boring. So watching a series or enjoying movies is the best way to spend time during this long trip. You’ll be surprised how fast the ride goes by.

Burn to CD Or DVD for Collection

Streaming may be the most convenient way to watch most movies, but burning your downloaded favorite music playlist to CD or videos to DVD is also a good way for having a physical copy as a fall back.

Better Enjoy Videos on Other Devices

Sometimes, you might want to enjoy videos on phone, TV or other devices. So downloading entire playlist of your favorite videos and then transfer them to your devices would give you better watching experience on your mobile devices.

An Ideal Playlist Downloader Should Be Like This:

Fast Speed

Using high tech download logic accelerator that ensures that you make the most out of your connection and gives you the fastest possible download speed.

Quality Lossless

Supports downloading in lossless formats, which use compression algorithms that preserve audio and video quality. Means the audio and video are exactly the same as the original.

Unlimited Download

There won't be any limitation for the numbers or the size of the content of the playlist that you want to download. So that you can fully download the whole playlist at once.


The price should be reasonable and affordable. And it have to be worth your money by providing stable performance, excellent service and continuous update.

Solutions to Playlist Download

The Most Comprehensive YouTube Playlist Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader

Fully supports you to download playlist from YouTube to your computer with an easy click.

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How to Download YouTube Playlist?

Free Download Youtube Playlist

With iTube YouTube Playlist Downloader, you can easily download YouTube videos, playlists, channels and user contents to computer for free.

Step 1. Download, install and launch iTube YouTube Playlist Downloader for Mac or Windows.
Step 2. Find the "Download" button under the playlist name. Click "Playlist" option and a dialog will open, in which select the videos you want to download.
Step 3. Then you will get a pop-up window. And now you can choose the videos you want to download and set the output video resolution.
Step 4. Click "Download" to start the YouTube playlist download.
Note: You can also download YouTube playlist with URL. Just drag your video's URL to the software's dock icon from the address bar so as to start downloading. Or copy your videos URL and then click the "Paste URL" button located in the primary window.

Download Youtube Playlist Online is one of the best online tool to download YouTube files or a playlist because it you can download them in an array of formats.

Step 1. Get the YouTube playlist downloader online tool by visiting
Step 2. Then copy and paste the YouTube playlist URL that you want to download.
Step 3. Click the "Download" button to select your ideal output format such as MP3, WebM, M4A, and MP4. Here you can also select video quality from 360p to 8K.
Step 4. Wait for the whole download process to complete then enjoy the videos you downloaded.
Note: Don't forget to set the playlist range because this online tool only supports maximum 250 files at once.

Download Youtube Playlist on Mobile

Videoder would be your best choice to be used to download YouTube playlist on mobile, it supports lots of format including as Mp3s and other music files.

Step 1. Download, install and launch Videoder on your phone by visiting in a web browser.
Step 2. Search for the playlist that you want to download by using the search bar at the top of the screen.
Step 3. Open the playlist you want to download. Tap the download button. It's a circle with a downward-pointing arrow inside. A list of download options will appear.
Step 4. Tap the drop-down menu next to “Format / Resolution” to select a format for the files. Then click "Download" to start the download process.
Note: This app can only be downloaded through web browser because it's unavailable on the Play Store. This process involves giving your Android permission to install apps from unverified sources.

The Most Comprehensive Spotify Playlist Downloader


Your One-stop Music Transfer and Management Expert

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Transfer Music with Multiple Choices
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Record Songs/Playlists with Original Quality
Powerful Toolbox to Meet All Music-related Needs

How to Download Spotify Playlist?

Free Download Spotify Playlist

You can look for your favorite music from this Spotify Playlist Downloader, and arrange everything with just one click.

Step 1. Download this Spotify playlist downloader and install it first. Then launch the software and click on "GET MUSIC".
Step 2. Go to Spotify and copy the URL of the Playlist you want to download.
Step 3. Back to iMusic and paste the URL in the text box in the middle and click "Download" button.
Step 4. Wait for the entire download process to complete so that you can freely enjoy the music.

Download Spotify Playlist Online

Ultimate Video Downloader is one of the popular extension of Google Chrome that allows users to convert the playlist and songs from Spotify to MP3.

Step 1. Go to Google Chrome Store to search "Ultimate Video Downloader" and click "Add to Chrome".
Step 2. Install it on your Chrome browser.
Step 3. Open Spotify in the browser and play your favorite playlist or music, then this extension will allow you to get the MP3 file.
Step 4. Just click "Ultimate Video Downloader" icon to open Downloader pop up and choose what you want to do now.
Note: This extension search and download the music files from other MP3 library instead of using Spotify itself.

Download Spotify Playlist on Mobile

Fildo is an app that can convert your Spotify playlist to MP3 easily and quicky on your mobile devices.

Step 1. Install the app on your Android or iOS phone by visiting and launch it.
Step 2. Tap the “More” tab on the bottom and then tap“IMPORT SPOTIFY“.
Step 3. Login to your Spotify account so the Fildo will import your playlist.
Step 4. Once the playlist is imported successfully, you can now download music by tap the dots on the right of a song
Note: This app claims that it doesn’t own collection of audio files, but brings it from various sources at one place.

SoundCloud is like a social network for the distribution of audio tracks. It’s more like an open global community for anyone to upload and store audio content, discover new music and podcasts, connect directly with fellow fans and favorite artists in real time.

If you want to save your favorite SoundCloud playlist and burn it to DVD. Or just wanna download entire SoundCloud playlist at once, just check the answer down below.

Deezer, a web-based music streaming service that launched in France, gives music lovers the ability to enjoy music content from many of the major record labels across the world.Currently has a huge music library of over 56 million of tracks.

To better enjoy Deezer music offline, you can download the entire Deezer playlist with the following easy-to-use music downloader.

Pandora is an internet radio service that uses an ingenious algorithm to create custom stations that are personalized to your own tastes. So listeners can easily explore new songs they like based on a vast amount of variables.

If you are looking for a Music Playlist Downloader for Pandora to download Pandora audio tracks in bulk, please keep reading.

It's a subscription-based online training and learning centre that has thousands of professionally-produced cources and tutorial videos taught by experts covering a wide variety of creative, technology, and business topics.

To download and save some tutorials for watching over and over again to perfect your knowledge, you can download Lynda playlist.

How to Download Entire Playlist

If you want to download entire playlist of videos, try iTube HD Video Downloader; if it is a playlist of audios or music, try iMusic.

Step 1. Firstly download, install and launch iTube HD Playlist Downloader or iMusic for Mac or Windows.
Step 2. Copy the URL of the playlist that you want to download, then paste it on the main window of the program and the downloading will be initiated automatically.
Step 3. The downloaded videos will be listed under the "Downloaded" tab in the "Download" menu.
Step 4. If you want to convert downloaded videos or audio to other format or to fit your devices, you can click the "Convert" button to convert it.

Explore More Tips about YouTube Playlist

Make And Create YouTube Playlist

One of the ways to enjoy YouTube is to make your personal YouTube playlist. If it is your first time to make YouTube playlist and you don’t know what and how to do it, you may follow the given steps below:

Step 1. Hit the “Log in” button if you have an existing account on YouTube. If you do not have an account yet, please click the “sign up” button and register before you proceed.
Step 2. Start to create playlist by finding the “My” heading then choosing “Playlist”. After clicking “Playlist”, you should click the option “Create Playlist”.
Step 3. Edit the playlist description by typing the playlist name, description as well as any tags that you wish to be included for searching purposes.
Step 4. To add videos to the playlist by clicking the “Videos” link from your playlist page or hit the YouTube’s logo. Browse by using the provided content and look for a video that you wish to be added to your playlist. Click it and choose the “Save to Favorites” link. Look for “Pick a playlist” draw down menu below the “Add video to playlist” heading. Choose the playlist where you want to add the video and hit “OK”.

Export YouTube Playlist to EXCEL

Exporting YouTube playlist to excel is one of the way to save your YouTube playlist. It contains the title, url, channel, description of the videos in playlist so that you can easy find your lost favorite video in the future if there is some deletions.

Step 1. Visit your favorite playlist and copy the playlist ID part of the URL. It would be a string of letters next to "list=".
Step 2. Visit Williamsport Web Developer, paste the playlist id to the blank and click "Submit". Then a excel with all your TouTube playlist detailed will be downloaded and saved automatically on your computer.
Step 3. Just a few seconds later, you can click the exported excel file which contains video url, channel, title and descrption of each video in your favorite YouTube playlist
Step 4. Click "Download" to start the YouTube playlist download.

Share YouTube Playlist

In the age of technology where efficiency and speed are valued, sharing YouTube playlist has become one of the fastest means of dispersing playlist information to the intended audience.

Step 1. Visit the YouTube website and log in to your YouTube account if you are not logged in.
Step 2. Click the button in the page’s upper right corner that displays your username. A horizontal list of thumbnail images that represent your playlists appears across the top of the page. A "Share" button sits beneath the playlists.
Step 3. Click the “Share” button. A panel opens below the button that contains a URL and several social media buttons that represent Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Click the "More" link below those buttons to see additional social media buttons.
Step 4. Click the button of the social media site where you'd like to share the playlist. A page opens that allows you to post your playlist to the site.

Copy YouTube Playlist from One Account to Another

You can transfer a YouTube playlist from one account to another without using any application. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to copy playlist YouTube using this method:

Step 1. Go to YouTube and sign into the account where you want to transfer the playlist.
Step 2. Search for the playlist that you want to copy from the other user’s account or click on it if you have its URL.
Step 3. Click the Options button on the playlist bar and select Save as a new playlist from the menu.
Step 4. The channel will give you an option to name the new playlist. Type in the name in the dialog box named Playlist title and then Save.
Step 5. The YouTube playlist is added to your saved playlists in the second account. You can edit the playlist from the second account to suit your preference.

iTube HD Video Downloader

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