Skype Recorder: Best 10 Recorder Software for Skype to Capture Skype Calls

In this article, we are going to show you top 10 available Skype recorders for Windows and Mac and compare the 10 software.

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Skype is a popular tool that allows you to make voice calls over the Internet and is being widely used for recording podcasts, conducting telephonic interviews, conference calls and instant messaging. Skype does not allow you to record the conversation or conference. So, there are so many software available in the market to record Skype calls in your system. Below is the list of Skype recorders that can capture Skype Calls or videos.

Top 10 Skype Recorders for Mac and Windows

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iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader is available to record skype calls for you from the house of Aimersoft. It can record your Skype calls in very easy steps. Well, after recording your Skype videos, if you are looking to convert those calls in the other format like mp3, wmv, mp4, ogg etc., then also this Skype Recorder can help you to convert you recorded calls in your desired format. There is no need to think about downloading other software to convert those videos in your other desired formats. It can download videos too for you from more than 10,000+ videos sharing websites.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Best Skype Recorder

  • It lets users to read cover and record Skype videos and calls.
  • It allows you to download your favorite videos from more than 10000+ video sharing websites.
  • It allows users to convert their favourite video from one format to another.
  • It lets users to download videos with different resolutions and high quality.
  • Batch download allows users to tape TV from all online streaming websites and live TV appearances.
  • Download videos 3x faster than any other program.
  • It permits to remove information on portable devices wirelessly.
  • It permits to directly download video to mp3 without downloading the whole file.
  • Transfer videos to your iDevice or Android Phone without any limitaion.

How to Record Skype Calls with iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 1. Launch the Skype Recorder

Firstly download and install iTube Skype Recorder, then launch it and go to "Record" section.

streaming video recorder

Step 2. Adjust the Recording screen

Click "Record" button and adjust the frame of recording area, then hit REC icon when you get everything OK.

record streaming videos

Click the REC button at the right corner of the recording frame when you start your Skype video calls. If you want to end the record, click Stop button. Alternatively, you can set the end time by checking the gear icon at the lower right bottom of the window, and finish the settings.

online streaming video recorder

If you want to save it as audio file, just click "Convert" to convert recorded Skype calls to mp3.

skype call recorder

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Skype Auto Recorder

The tool is also a great Skype call recorder for Windows users and enables you to record Skype calls very smoothly. There is a excellent feature available in the software which enables users to record calls automatically, and you can decide to record calls automatically from a specific contact. This software is available for Windows users only.

Key Features:

  • It comes with automatic mode, which do not require any response from users.
  • Auto-start with Windows which is optional is there.
  • It has system wise hot-keys.
  • Possibilitis to start and end recording manually.


  • Recording and downloading both features are there.
  • Convert videos to other formats in just one click.
  • Download YouTube videos directly in the mp3 format.
  • It is more than a Skype call and video recorder, it comes with other features like video downloader etc.


  • Very limited features in the trial version.
  • Video frame skipping is not possible.

Skype call recorder - Skype Auto Recorder

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Callnote Skype Video Recorder

Callnote Skype Video Recorder for Windows software is a perfect choice for the users who like to record videos from the other chat tools also including Skype. This software gives users a best video recording experience for online WebEx meetings as well. If you have shared screen of your Skype calls ,then you can record that shared screen as well with call note.

Key Features:

  • Record call on hangout, Skype, Facebook, viber etc.
  • Record conversation and WebEx online meetings.
  • Record shared screen on your Skype call.
  • Share your recorded call or video on Facebook,YouTube, mail etc.


  • You can integrate it with Microsoft onedrive and OneNote.
  • Attach your recording directly to your Gmail from library.
  • Capable to edit call in library.


  • The user interface is very complicated.
  • The quality of recorded audio is low.

Skype call recorder - Callnote


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Call Graph - Skype Recorder

Call Graph for Windows is software to record Skype video calls from Call Graph officially. This software easily record all types of Skype videos, such as audio and video both without any issue. There is the option available to record Skype calls manually or automatically. You can select automatic or manual recording way as per your requirement.

Key Features

  • Support Skype to Skype, Skype in and Skype out calls.
  • Comes with automatic and manual recording mode.
  • You can set it to run with startup.


  • Allows to save your recorded call in wav and mp3 format.
  • MP3 audio is available in different parameters.
  • The live recording statistic is available.


  • The user interface is very complicated and requires a lot knowledge to understand and operate.
  • Audio quality is not up to the mark.
  • Stucks a lot and get unresponsive.

Skype call recorder - CallGraph


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MX Skype Recorder

Mx Skype Recorder software enables users to record Skype calls on the Windows laptop and computers. There are so many features available in this software. The great part of the software is automatic and manual recording. Automatic recording way enables you to record calls automatically whenever you receive calls on Skype and manual way enables you to start recording as per your requirement when you need to record.

Key Feature:

  • Automatic and manual mode, both are available.
  • It can save as wav PCM format.
  • Record conversation either in dual or single audio track.


  • Supports all versions of Skype, Yahoo messenger, Google talk etc.
  • Works with PC-PC, PC-phone as well as Skypecast conversation.


  • There are lots of bugs in this application.
  • The file does not save in the default location.
  • Some audio files get missing.

Skype call recorder - MX Skype Recorder


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Pamela - Skype Call Recorder

Pamela [for Windows] is free to download and allows you to record Skype calls. It operates on Windows devices and according to the Internet site, Skype certifies it. My primary concern with the fluorescent purple app, is that putting down times is restricted to 15 minutes. Interviews, that I answer, only start to get interesting after 15 minutes in, the free version of Pamela was not dying to abbreviate it with me. The premium version allows for unlimited call recording for $25. You download the app and follow the easy to understand installation instructions. Restart Skype and you are good to record.

Key Features:

  • Skype Call Recording.
  • Skype Video Recording.
  • Skype Chat Recording.
  • Skype Call Transfer.
  • Skype Call Scheduler.
  • Record phone calls automatically.
  • Mono/Stereo recording option.
  • Skype Conference Call manager.
  • Create cool mood messages.
  • Answering Machine.
  • Play sounds during calls.
  • Blogging & Podcasting.


  • Very easy user interface.
  • You can creat cool mood messages.
  • Personalize your contacts.


  • Most of the features are available only when you purchase the full application.
  • Can download only 5 times with the free version.
  • The paid full version goes up to $30.00.

Skype call recorder - Pamela


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MP3 Skype Recorder

I recalled to myself at that place must be a free version out there somewhere and then I discovered MP3 Skype Recorder. MP3 Skype Recorder [for Windows] is like Pamela and allows you to record calls you get to use Skype. It is created for Windows users and the software is aimed for professional recordings of Skype conversations. Which is peachy when you need to keep track of phone conversations, either by legal requirements, or for job protection? It runs in the background and begins to record conversations automatically at the precise instant they begin. Even so, you can also record conversations manually, which is safer for me. All the recordings are stored in convenient MP3, OGG, WMA or WAV format. The software integrates seamlessly with Skype and has better design and usability then Pamela. MP3 Skype Recorder hits all my needs for VoIP recording.

Key Features:

  • It is complimentary with no limits attached.
  • Automatic or manual recording capabilities.
  • Compact format of stored records (mp3 files).
  • May be used to record P2P, Skype Out calls and calls made to Online number .
  • Give the axe break the caller and the person called into different paths, saving it separately
  • Easy integration with Skype Conference recording.
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface.


  • Store recording in very compact MP3 files.
  • Record all Skype call automatically.
  • The stealth mode is also available for parental control.


  • It download malware with the application file.
  • Sometimes audio quality is compromised.

Skype call recorder - MP3 Skype Recorder


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Wiretap Studio - Skype Call Recorder

Wiretap Studio for Mac is Mac software to record Skype calls from your Skype chat client. This software has so many great features and enables users to record videos, edit videos and export recorded audio files to the other portable devices. This software is available for free of cost for trial purpose from the website. If you are looking to use all function of this software then you have to buy paid version of this software which costs you 69$.

Key Features:

  • It records all Skype calls that means recording of audio and videos both calls.
  • Record sound from all types of inputs.


  • Boost full audio unit support.
  • Well organized library.


  • The User interface is one of the drawbacks, as it is very complicated.
  • The paid version of the software costs so much as compared with the other Skype recorders.

Skype call recorder - Wiretap Studio


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Ecamm Call Recorder - Skype Call Recorder

Ecamm Call Recorder is a Skype video recorder for Mac devices. With this Mac Skype video recorder, users can record high quality Skype HD videos for free. While using this software, users can record Skype video sessions, interviews and podcasts as well. This software comes with features about splitting screen modes. There is a multitask feature which enables users to split tracks after a call. There is a free trial version of this software is available for 7 days.

key Features:

  • Record video calls with picture-in-picture.
  • Share recordings in MP3 format.
  • Designed for Mac users by Mac users.
  • Advanced compression technology, saves space.


  • Easy to use.
  • Has a lot of features which come in handy.
  • The user interface allows users to use effectively.


  • Don't have other bonus features unlike other recorders.
  • Can only use 7 days with the free version
  • The paid full version goes up to $29.95.

Skype call recorder - Ecamm Call Recorder


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Hot Recorder - Skype Call Recorder

Hot recorder is Windows software which enables you to record Skype calls for free online and automatically. This software can record calls from all latest versions of Skype and other chat tools such as AIM, Net2Phone as well. This software has a converter function as well which allows you to convert file sin the WAV, OGG and MP3 formats easily.

Key features:

  • Record Skype calls easily in one click only.
  • Works with Skype and other chat tools as well such as Google Talk, Net2Phone etc.
  • Convert Recordings into 3 other format in only one click.
  • User friendly Interface.


  • It records all Skype calls and works with some other chat tools as well.
  • It is very handy and User friendly.


  • Doesn't have customer support to help users.
  • Supports very less formats as compared to iTube HD Video Downloader.

Skype call recorder - Hot Recorder


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