Best Linux Video Recording Software to Record Video on Linux

Are you looking for a reliable Linux video recording software to record videos? Here you can get the easiest way to capture video in Linux.

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Finding a good video recorder that enables you to record high quality videos is a daunting task especially for Linux users. They’re used to video recording programs that are prone to many problems and successful recording of a video seems like a dream to them. Are you looking for a reliable Linux video recorder to capture videos in Linux? Look no further! Here is the best solution for you.

Best Linux Video Recorder to Capture Video in Linux

iTube HD Video Downloader can simply be termed as the solution to your Linux video recording and conversion needs. It is a program that comes with great recording capabilities. It enables you to record videos that maintain the same quality as that of the original video. On top of this, you can convert the video into any media format.

iTube HD Video Downloader - The Best Linux Video Recording Software

  • Equipped with control features as you record the videos from start to the end to maintain top quality for recorded videos.
  • Download multiple videos simultaneously on your Linux computer at 3X faste speed than other video downloader/recorder.
  • Set your computer to shut down or sleep automatically after completing the recording process with no worries of power wastage.
  • Convert the recorded video files into 153 plus audio and video formats or even preset formats for mobile devices.
  • Record videos from all the popular video sharing sites with no restriction to the number of sources where you can record your videos from.

Tutorial for How to record video on Linux with The Best Linux Video Recording Software

Here’s a detailed guide on how to record videos on your Linux computer and convert them to various formats.

Step 1. Launch the Linux video recorder

The first step involves downloading and installing the program. Now run/activate the already installed program such that it takes to you its main interface.

record video linux

Step 2. Start recording videos in Linux

In the main window of the Linux recorder, go to the "Record" category on the left colume and then proceed to "Record" option on top left. Play the video that you want to record from any sharing site with the help of the built-in browser of "Online" category or any browser in your Mac or Windows PC. When everything is OK, proceed to click the "Record" button. The video will be recorded shortly. You can repeat the procedure to record as many videos as possible.

video recording software linux

Step 3. Convert the videos to other format

After recording is over, it’s time to convert the video to various formats. Go to the program’s library section and click on it to access the videos you’ve recorded. Then select the video you wish to convert and click on the convert button on its right side. A dialog box will pop-up allowing you to specify the format you would like to convert your video to. Select your preferred format and click OK to finish the process.

linux video capture

That’s all you need to do to record and convert a video on Linux!

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iTube HD Video Downloader
iTube HD Video Downloader

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