Free Video Recording Software: 20 Best Video Recording Software for Mac/Windows

If you’re looking for powerful free video recording software for your Mac or Windows computer, here are top 20 free video recording software list for you.

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If you’re looking for powerful free video recording software to use for your future job presentations, tutorials or game streaming, but you’d also like to stay in budget when making your purchase, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you require a video recorder program for Windows or your Mac, here is a quick guide on the key-features of a strong, reliable free video recorder, as well as a list of the best 20 video recording software currently available and completely cost-free.

Part 1. Best 10 Video Recording Software for Mac

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iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac

If you want to record what is shown in your Mac screen, iTube HD Video Downloader must be the best choice to you. This video downloader and recorder software make it easy to record videos including voice and image in most sites. You can use iTube HD Video Downloader to record videos in your Mac and save them or transfer them to your mobile phones that you can watch the videos wherever you are. iTube HD Video Downloader has the strong function of recording live videos, videos from Hulu, Netflix or tutorials in just 1 click. Except for the recording function, it also supports to download YouTube video, directly download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 and more.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Best Free Video Recording Software for Mac and Windows

  • Record any video from any online video sharing sites including Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo or other "unable to download sites".
  • Download online videos from 10,000+ video sharing sites with original quality fully maintained at 3X faster speed.
  • Support to download videos from URL or brwoser extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox in 1 click.
  • Convert downloaded videos to MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, M4A, 3GP, MP3, and more video/audio formats.
  • Transfer downloaded videos to mobile devices with USB cable or to iTunes library automatically.
  • Preset video download to fit iOS devices, Android devices, game console and video editng software.
  • Private Mode to fully protect your private videos with a password known by yourself only.

How to Record Videos on Mac

Step 1. Prepare to record videos you want to capture

Open the window you wanna record and navigate to the main interface of iTube HD Video Downloader. Open the "Record" tab and click the “Record” button, and then you will open the recording window.

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Step 2. Select recording screen for the video

Drag and slide the frame of the recording window to confirm the video screen you want. Or you can customize the video recording screen in the “Capture Area” by manually.

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Jing Video Capture Software for Mac

From the developers of Camtasia, this is free recording software for Mac that allows you to capture basic video, still images and animation, to later share with your family, co-workers or friends on your social media and licensed platforms. Incorporated with a microphone that guarantees the ability to narrate when necessary, Jing is the perfect tool for quick, informative tutorials and demos. Aside from its editing and recording tools, this software also provides its users with step-by-step tutorials and free tech support.

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QuickTime Player for Mac

A reliable, cost-free application that will guarantee you five-star quality content, as well as a built-in set of tools designated for editing your recordings. If you’ve been using your Mac for a while, you’re probably already familiar with the fact that QuickTime Player is the default video player for your gadget. But were you also aware that this application has the ability do to screen recordings? With a few basic saving and recording options, this program is best if you’re looking for a smart, easy way to create your projects.

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Screenflick Video Recorder for Mac

This is a fast, user-friendly free video screen recorder that’s completely free and incredibly resourceful. Whether you’re interested in creating website demos, video chats or training sessions, Screenflick is the right tool for you! With a simple streamlined interface, this program is renowned for its highly tuned recording engine which ensures high-speed and large-resolution recordings. Using multiple processor cores, ScreenFlick also has the option to overlay a video filmed using FaceTime Camera (or any other connected video camera) with your screen recording, which is extremely useful for video podcasts.

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Debut Video Capture Software Mac

This free video recording software for Mac allows you to record videos as avi, mp4, mov and many other formats and is a reliable tool for live-streaming or gaming tutorials. Featuring a powerful lineup of settings and personalization tools like text captions and time stamps, Debut Video Capture Software has flexible video output settings which are perfect for social media platform users.

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Mac Screen Recorder Studio

Rife with powerful, versatile editing tools, this video recorder free program is the trendiest, sharpest video recording software on the market. Also, it’s completely free! Featuring flexible recording modes, customizable cursors and a rich range of transitions and video effects, Mac Screen Recorder Studio brings to you all the necessary tools for creating catchy, exciting video projects for your viewers or potential clients.

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QuickTime Player

If you're looking for a basic, scot-free program for your Mac recordings, then you'll probably be interested to learn that Apple has a default, built-in QuickTime Player. Why is this important? Most people are unaware that this program also has the ability to do main screen recordings. If your needs are rudimentary, then you should give this simple, but effective application a try. The latest version of QuickTime also comes with several editing features in the timeline.

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This program offers a solid structure of powerful editing tools and features and is mostly used for business-related purposes. Whether you're in need of gear to shoot your high-tech tutorial with, or you've got an upcoming job presentation and you want it to have a professional, sharp feel to it, ScreenFlow makes creating and releasing screencasts a breeze. The software features a an intuitive user interface that's similar to Apple's iMovie.

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This application has a lot to offer, providing its users with several conversion formats and 31 image filters, including Chroma Key and Gamma Adjust. The approachable design interface and the ease of use when it comes to the editing devices makes this program a smart, economical choice for both specialists and beginners. In terms of editing, Screenium allows you to cut clips, edit audio, do voiceovers, add text, transitions, frames and many more. In addition, you can zoom and even mute certain parts of you screencast if you want to.

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MacX Youtube Downloader for Mac

MacX Youtube Downloader is an YTD Video Downloader equivalent. YTD Video Downloader is one of the easiest softwares to use to record MP3 from YouTube. Free download is offered in 4k, 1080p, 720p videos, movies and other forms of media. MacX YouTube downloader can be used on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vevo and many other video streaming sites.

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Part 2. Best 10 Free Video Recording Software for Windows

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iTube HD Video Downloader for Windows

If you want to record what is shown in your Mac screen, iTube HD Video Downloader has all the key-components of a powerful, user-friendly video recording software. With a solid lineup of easy-to-use editing and saving tools, iTube HD Video Downloader allows you to record videos from any sites, accepting both online and desktop sources. This means that next time you watch your favorite video on YouTube, a "REC" button will helps you record evrything. In addition to the unique online video download feature, the deep-seated player also supports URL streaming and several media formats. Via the Task Scheduler feature, you can download your online videos in batch, without any need to supervise your computer.

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TinyTake Video Recorder for Windows

This is one of the best, most comprehensive free screen capture and recording software for Windows PC. This program accepts both desktop and online sources and also allows you to record from your webcam. Featuring all-inclusive annotation and sharing options, TinyTake is used by more than 7500 companies worldwide and offers detailed tutorials for efficient use, as well as the option for shareable links and share history.

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Free Screen Video Recorder Windows

This is a solid, full-featured video capture and recorder software that allows you to monitor and record all screen activity, including mouse movements, onscreen changes and microphone audio. Tastefully combining user-friendly design with function, Free Screen Video Recorder contains no spyware or adware, is completely free and easy-to-install. Featuring resizing, cropping and multiple-level menu capture options, this program is perfect for basic recording tasks, work demos and sales presentations.

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CamStudio Video Capture Software Windows

Using a built-in SFW Producer, this free video recording software for Windows turns your screen recordings and audio activity into high-quality, bandwidth-friendly files, ready to upload on social media or professional platforms. With a clean, compact interface that is highlighted by a toolbar with integrated player controls, CamStudio is the smartest choice in terms of reliability and personalization options. Featuring anti-aliased (no jagged edges) screen captions, picture-in-picture, as well as unique video annotations, this freeware is perfect for video tutorials and marketing presentations. In addition, CamStudio comes with a Losless Codec, which produces authentic, comprehensible content with a considerably smaller file size than other popular codecs available on the market.

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Ezvid Video Recorder for Windows

This is a fast and easy-to-use free screen recorder, packed with cutting-edge effects and features, that guarantees you’ll create high-quality, informative and entertaining recordings for your viewers. With unique, first-rate features like face cam, voice synthesis, speed control and screen drawing, Ezvid utilizes your computer performance to generate top-notch, high resolution movies. Especially popular amongst YouTubers and Minecraft fans, this revolutionary freeware uses modern multi-core CPUs and the latest C++ binaries to ensure elegant workflow and proper video editing organization. With several built-in functionalities like auto-save and integral Youtube upload, what separates Ezvid from its competitors is the high-tech features that allow for an incredibly sharp and powerful video recording.

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WM Recorder Bundle

This is a user-friendly application with a first-rate lineup or recording tools. With the ability to split and join both audio and video files, WM Recorder Bundle features a straightforward interface and an extensive editing device collection that’s easy and quick to navigate. If you're new to video recording, but you’d like to create high-quality tutorials or tweak your presentations, then this program is perfect for you. Its accessible editing options allow for easy use, even if you’re not a particularly experienced or proficient in video capture software.

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CamVerce is the smartest video capture software choice in terms of editing flexibility and interface versatility. This program offers a multitude of recording devices, like adding titles and watermark, as well as resizing options. Aside from its first-rate editing and saving tools, such as multiple conversion and slicing, CamVerce allows you to record on your computer’s screen, edit, draw-on-screen, export, as well as include your viewers by playing interactive files. The reason why this video recorder software is unique is that it has the option to schedule a recording for a specific day and time. Moreover, this application allows you to alter audio sources, as well as add background music or sound effects to your recordings.

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Movavi Screen Capture Studio

This is one of the most popular and comprehensive webcam video capture software on the market. Designed to deliver exclusive, high-quality recording, both from online and desktop sources, Movavi is your go-to program if your target and platform is social media. Eliminating the need to spend heaps of money without any guarantees, this video recorder software offers solid editing and recording tools, as well as all-inclusive help and support services. In addition to its user manual, Movavi provides its customers with 24/7 support online, through video tutorials and even live chats.

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Featuring an array of editing options, as well as detailed online tutorials, this freeware is suitable for both professionals and casual users. Aside from performing essential recording functions, Camtasia also allows you to use video content from various online sources, even YouTube! Whether you make videos for business or pleasure, this program is certainly worth checking out.

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ShadowPlay is Nvidia latest video recording software that comes with unique features. The company has attempted to integrate impressive functionality that gamers across the world use. Using this software, you can record your in-game footage. The software is not only free to use but also incredibly easy to access and use. It utilizes the latest technology built in H.264 hardware encoder that runs on the Kepler GPU. This software is part of the company’s free GeForce Experience software. There is a limit to recording time when you use this application. You can record videos of limited hours long and store them on your windows device.

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Top Download Products

iTube HD Video Downloader
iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader can download videos in HD from more than 10,000 sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and so on.


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