Freecorder Video Recorder Not Working? Fixed

Encounter some Freecorder Video Recorder not working problems? No worry! Here is the best solution to record video with Freecorder Video Recorder easily.

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Freecoder Video recorder is a free software for recording video and audios. The software provides an innovative browser-based video and audio recorder and converter program for Firefox and the Internet Explorer users. The better of the video is that it saves the videos and audios files easily from the various video website and convert them to the various video formats. Also, Freecorder video recorder features TV and audio channels that can be played and make a permanent copy out of it. Additionally, the program features free enhancements such as video history tools, YouTube downloader, record audio and the MP3 tool and the converter tool. However, despite all these goodies of the Freecorder video recorder, it has lots of more limitations that make it a lesser video recording tool. You've experienced the Freecorder video recorder not working problem too? Let's see how to fix this problem.

How to Record Videos with Freecorder Video Recorder Alternative

iTube HD Video Downloader is the solution to all these problems. It is available online for downloading. It is exceptional software that gives the user an opportunity to download and record high-quality videos of all times. It is one of the best programs in the market today that you can use to get quality videos from the most popular video sites in the world. It is one of the fewer programs that offers you the possibility to download and recording videos with a just a click of a button.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Best Freecorder Video Recorder Alternative

  • Download and record video from over 10,000 video sites and convert them to over 153 media format such Android, iPhone, iPod, pad, MP4, MP3 and many more.
  • Batch download multiple videos at one time, and schedule for the bath download to make the download in background and continue to work on your computer.
  • The program features three playback mode from which you can set your personal playback mode.
  • Enables you to take a screenshot of the video you are recording or watching and share it with friends or families.
  • Built-in browser from where you can download and access the videos directly from your favorite video site.

How to Record Videos with Freecorder Video Recorder Equivalent

Step 1. Launch the Freecorder video recorder alternative

Launch the iTube HD Video Downloader program by double clicking on its icon on your Mac or Windows PC. After starting the program, the main window will show on your computer screen.

freecorder video recorder

Step 2. Record the videos

In the main window, you will notice a "Record" tab. Click on it and select the "Record" button. After selecting, go back to the main window and click on the Online tab, from which play any video from your favorite video site using the built-in browser. While the video is playing, make a quick screen record settings, and then click the "REC" button showed up to start recording the video.

freecorder record audio

Optional. Convert videos to any format

After the recording is complete, click on the the stop icon to view all the recorded videos. On the right-hand side of each recorded video, you will see the "Convert" button. Click this button to convert the recorded video into your desired video formats that your device can support.

freecorder audio record

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iTube HD Video Downloader
iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader can download videos in HD from more than 10,000 sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and so on.


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