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MPG/MPEG File Extension

MPG is similar to the MPEG video file format. This compression system is created by the Moving Picture Experts Group, thus its name. Eventually, the format became the standard in video compression. Having said that, MPG is the most preferred video file format today.

  • MPG Format


MPG is the most common 3-letter filename extension of MPEG video files. Other than being the standard format, these files are very popular over the internet and among mobile devices because of its fairly small size. This is achieved by merely saving the changes in each frame, not the entire video frame like what other file formats do.

  • MPG Codec

Two codecs are closely associated with the MPG video files and these are the MPEG-1 and the MPEG-2 codecs. These two codecs make the video work. However, most users need not do anything to achieve the seamless playback of MPG files on Windows or Mac computers. The codecs required by this file format is technically embedded in the system, reason why it is the most portable and the most usable video file today. The other codecs associated with MPG are the MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding and the MPEG-4 Scalable Lossless Coding.

  • Compatibility Issues and How to Play MPG/MPEG

Being the ISO standard in the video file technology, many computer systems, mobile devices, and media players take the MPG file format as the basis of their device’s video playback system. However, compatibility issues may still arise among a handful of software and applications. Some users, for example, may encounter errors when burning MPG into DVDs. Errors like these however, may not be entirely caused by the MPG file system. A change of the burning program is recommended. Converting MPG into another format is also performed by many users, but mostly to suit their specific requirements when it comes to movie editing or playback, not because of compatibility issues.

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