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VOB File Extension

  • VOB Format


VOB is a file format that mostly contains DVD movie files. This format contains digital audio, video, subtitles, menus, and navigation data. VOB can be streamed and multiplexed. It is usually stored inside the Video_TS folder of DVD discs.

The VOB format is primarily associated with the DVD video movie file. As a file container, it may contain MPEG files or the H.262 codec. VOB files can be viewed by a standalone DVD player, more particularly the Blu-ray ones.

  • VOB Codec

For the Windows Media Player to be able to directly play VOB files, a certain program or codec has to be installed in the computer first. The codecs or files needed to process these files are the MPEG2 decoder, MPEG2 splitter, AC3 decoder, and the VOB file reader. But instead of adding these files individually in your computer, it is way easier if you just install an entirely new player that can process the files.

  • How to Play VOB

This video format comes in a file that has the VOB file extension. It is not easily playable by most media players like QuickTime or the Windows Media Player but it can be handled by VLC and the KMPlayer. VOB is not a standard format but it can be converted into one that is easily playable by the most popular media players.

  • VOB Compatibility Issues

There are many instances wherein the VOB format still won’t play in a Windows or Mac machine even if the codecs are already installed. This is a known issue and may not be easily resolved. To make a VOB file easily viewable in a standard media player, it is highly advised that you convert them. Compatibility is a very common problem for VOB files when played in a personal computer. Although DVD players may easily play them, the same can’t be said for Windows or Mac computers.

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