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M4V File Extension


M4V is a video file format that was created by Apple Inc as an extension of the iTunes video formatting. Apple primarily uses the M4V format to encode movies, music videos, and TV episodes that are available from the iTunes Store.

  • M4V Format

M4V resembles the standard MP4 file format although it is solely used by Apple for their devices, more particularly the iTunes. M4V files are copyrighted files, which mean they can only be played by authorized computers and devices. And since this is directly downloadable from the iTunes Store, they have to be duly purchased before they can be played.

  • M4V Codec

Because M4V files are strictly Apple files, they can easily be played from iTunes and QuickTime. However, the same can’t be said for Windows devices. Codecs are required in order to play M4V files on the latest versions of the Windows Media Player, more particularly the one that came with Windows 7. However, M4V files use the MPEG-4 AVC codec too. So technically, it should be playable by the Windows Media Player. However, if for some reason errors do arise, a decoder is needed. It becomes necessary for users to obtain the compatible codec pack for a Windows computer to recognize the M4V videos.

  • How to Play M4V in Windows/Mac

There shouldn’t be any problems about playing M4V files on a Mac computer or any other Apple device. However, issues will most likely arise when these files were played on a machine using a different platform, like Windows, Linux, Android, and others. One of two things can be done to resolve this issue. First, the necessary codec packs for your operating system has to be installed. There is one available for Windows 7 or higher. As for the other platforms, the other method is more applicable. Simply convert the M4V file into a more compatible format and it should play seamlessly on your device.

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