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MP3 File Extension


MP3 is the most popular audio file format these days. Also referred to as the MPEG-2 Audio Layer III, MP3 is a digital audio format integrated into video files or by itself. MP3 is also used for streaming purposes. MP3 is the file format of choice of most portable audio players.

  • MP3 Format

Created by the Moving Picture Experts Group, MP3 is very popular off and on the internet. Like the MP4, the MP3 is regarded as the standard in audio compression. This file format is primarily created to reduce the storage requirements of audio files. The very technology behind MP3 made the file more portable and highly apt for mobile audio players.

  • MP3 Codec

MP3 encoders are required to properly play MP3 audio files. The MP3 codec, which contains the compression and decompression algorithms to process the file, is needed to both create MP3 files and play them. Furthermore, these codecs also have to be present if users would like to rip music files from a CD and save them in the MP3 format. The same is required for MP3 files that are being burned into the CD.

  • Compatibility Issues and How to Play MP3

While MP3 files can be played by most existing players, compatibility issues may still arise from time to time. However, these issues may not necessarily be about playback, as MP3 playback is very straightforward these days. Most of the issues are related to editing. But then again, these cases are somewhat isolated and are not expected to happen all the time. The major operating systems, including most mobile platforms, support MP3 playback just fine. This particular digital audio format can be processed by the Windows Media Player and QuickTime without any problems. Converting MP3 to another format like WAV is recommended if the compatibility issue is not immediately resolved.

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