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3GP File Extension


3GP is one of the most popular video formats for mobile devices. This is the media file format used on 3G mobile phones, although many other hand held devices opt to use it as well. 3GP was developed by Third Generation Partnership Project or simply 3GPP, thus its name.

  • 3GP Format

A multimedia container format, 3GP can be regarded as the simplified version of the MP4. It is simply the most portable video file system available. But even so, it is not widely supported by a lot of media players due to compatibility issues. As it is, 3GP works best in the smaller screens of a mobile phone and not on the high definition monitors that many devices sport today.

  • 3GP Codec

Codecs are required to properly play 3GP files on a computer, more particularly Windows-based devices. Macintosh computers, on the other hand, can readily play these files through QuickTime. Although an extension of the MP4, many players can’t handle this file. To be able to play them properly using a personal computer, codecs are required. The H.263 codecs and MP4 support are both needed to facilitate the easy playback and manipulation of 3GP video files. In most places where codecs are easily downloadable, the ones needed are simply referred to as the 3GP codecs.

  • 3GP Fomrat Compatibility Issues

It is a known thing that 3GP files won’t easily play even on the most popular media player such as the Windows Media Player. QuickTime can perform a much better task with it. While it is easy to capture movies from a mobile phone and send it over the internet, transferring them to the computer for viewing purposes may prove to be a problem. If the simple update of the codec won’t work, converting the 3GP video file into another format may help.

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