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How to Open, Play and Convert MPG to MOV on Mac (Mountain Lion)

Have trouble in opening MPG files on Mac? Well, that's because even though QuickTime is said to support playing MPG videos on Mac, it actually lacks some components for smoothly play all kinds of MPG videos. To play MPG video files on Mac (Mountain Lion) without any troubles, you'd better convert MPG to MOV, a Mac compatible format, so that you can play MPG on Mac smoothly and edit them in iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc.

To convert from MPG files to MOV, a conversion program is a must. Here Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac is highly recommended to help you convert from MPG format to MOV on Mac OS X with fast speed and excellent output video quality. Move your fingers following the intuitive interface and you can get the MPG to MOV conversion done in a few mouse clicks! Now just download it and follow the steps below to finish the conversion. Note that if you've using Windows, please refer to Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate to convert MPG videos to MOV in Windows (Windows 8).

Download Video Converter:

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

How to Convert MPG videos to MOV on Mac

1Add videos

After downloading, install and run the MPG to MOV converter. Then click File > Add Video Files to add the MPG files you want to convert. Alternatively, you can drag videos directly to the left item bar. If you have many MPG video files and want to put them together to get a complete movie, you can check all the files and select Merge into One File.

convert mpg to mov mac

2Edit your videos (Optional)

This Mac MPG to MOV converter comes with a built-in video editor that lets you touch up your videos in clicks. Trim, Crop, Rotation and Video Adjustments, etc. functions are provided for your choice. In video editing window, you can get the user-defined video as you need.

play mpg on Mac

3Select MOV as the output format and start conversion

Next, turn to the format list at the bottom and select MOV from Video as the output format to convert your MPG video files to MOV on Mac (Lion and Mountain Lion included). As you see, in addition to MOV, almost all other regular output video formats are available. When all settings are OK, click the Convert button to start converting your videos.

open mpg files on Mac

Here is the video tutorial on how to convert MPG and MPEG videos to MOV:

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

What is MPG

MPG is technically the same as the more popular MPEG video formats. Created by Moving Pictures Experts Group, this is the file format that is regarded as industry standard. The format is a container file of audio, video, and data file systems, compressed and tested accordingly to produce high quality results. MPG is developed by ISO/IEC, and along with its associated file extensions, is the most preferred video format over the internet today.

What is MOV

MOV is a video file format that works on fairly the same footing as the MPG. However, MOV is more native to Macintosh computers than the MPG file format. Therefore, it is quite safe to say that MOV is the video file for all Apple systems. It plays naturally in the QuickTime player, which is the multimedia player native to Apple devices.


MPG and MOV almost produce the same quality of images simply because they are created with the same platform. As a matter of fact, MOV is the basis used to create the MPG file format. The only difference is that MPG proves to have better support over the internet, as it is mostly associated with Windows-based system. Both video file systems also possess the capability to adapt lossy formats in order to trim down the file size. These two formats are highly portable video files, thus making them playable on almost all devices and gadgets. So if you are using an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, go for MOV. For all other devices, MPG proves to be more compatible.

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I’m really happy to play MPG files on Mac with QuickTime player. It saves lots of time and the converted video files are great in quality.
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