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XviD File Extension


XviD is yet another kind of video file that is available from both online and offline video libraries. XviD is not a very popular format, yet it is being used in many applications. XviD is the direct competitor of the DivX codec.

  • XviD Format

XviD.org created their codecs as free and open source systems. As such, developers are free to use and extend this file format into something that would suit their purpose most. However, XviD has yet to surpass the popularity of the DivX codec, which is commonly used to encode movies for playback on DVD players. The XviD video file can practically do the same things as the DivX.

  • XviD Codec

XviD codecs are easily downloadable from the XviD.org website to make these video files work seamlessly with any computer system. There are codecs available for Windows and Mac OS computers, as well as Linux and Debian platforms. Because the XviD is also based on the MPEG-4 format, they can be handled in almost the same way as the more standard video files. XviD codecs are designed for maximum compression without sacrificing the quality of video. That’s the reason why they can compress a full-length, DVD quality movie and fit it on a single disc. These codecs are mainly responsible to make all of those high quality videos come in a rather small file size.

  • How to Play XviD Video File

XviD is not easily playable on any computer or device without first installing the necessary codecs. But the good thing about it is the fact that the file is easily made compatible with desktop, laptops, and DVDs, but not necessarily on mobile devices. XviD is primarily created for DVD playback, which is the reason why no mobile media player can handle the file. Even so, converting them into the more compatible MPEG format can easily be performed with the right software.

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