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MP4 File Extension

  • MP4 Format


MP4 is a standard video format developed by the ISO. MP4 is almost the same as the MPEG-4 format. This file may contain audio, video, and data information. MP4 mostly contain the MPEG-4 data. Aside from the usual audio and video files, it may also contain presentations. Presentations are scene wherein objects are placed. And within those objects are the streams.

Being a standard format, the MP4 can easily be played by almost all video players. Whatever platform or media player you are using, MP4 files can be processed accordingly. These files are stored directly on the hard drive or any portable devices easily, as they don’t take up too much space. This is the reason why most portable media players are called MP4 players.

  • MP4 Codec

Generally speaking, there are no additional codecs required to play MP4 files. Everything needed to play the video file is already built-in to the player. But more specifically, it needs the MPEG-4 audio visual codecs to be present. On a developer’s perspective, new codecs can be written for the MP4 for added features. When it comes to audio, the codec required is the MPEG-1 Audio Layer, including all the others that belong to the Advanced Audio Coding list. To handle the subtitles, the MPEG-4 timed text codec is used.

  • Compatibility Issues

Since the MP4 is regarded as the standard video file format, there are just a few compatibility issues associated with this file. Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computers can easily play MP4 files, regardless of what media player is installed on the computer. MP4 is the file format of choice for almost all portable media players, old and new alike. MP4 is also the default file format of most conversion software.

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