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  • Rotate MP4 in any direction easily.
  • Rotate MP4 and convert in 500+ formats.
  • Trim, cut MP4, or add subtitle, watermark, audio to MP4 video.
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Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

4 Easy Ways to Rotate MP4 with Detailed Guides

Jun 25,2019 • Filed to: Edit Popular Video Format • Proven solutions

There are a number of occasions when a need to rotate MP4 video for proper viewing, editing, customizing or other reasons may arise. To rotate MP4, a number of desktop and online tools are available for Windows and Mac system. To help you correct the orientation of your videos, listed below are the best tools to rotate MP4.

Part 1. All-in-one Powerful Tool to Rotate MP4 on Windows and Mac

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is powerful and professional desktop software that supports an array of video editing features. You can use it to rotate MP4 video. Using this software your files can be rotated 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise as needed. Option to flip your videos horizontally and vertically is also there. Working as a comprehensive tool, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate supports a wide range of other functions. Let's see the main features below.

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

  • Allow to rotate MP4 files anticlockwise, clockwise, flip horizontal, flip vertical on Windows and Mac.
  • Support adding MP4 and other files for the process from PC or device directly.
  • Facilitate integrating all needed editing functions like trimming, croping, adding subtitle, background music, watermark, special effects, and others.
  • More than MP4, it supports 500+ formats, including MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, MPEG, WMV, etc.
  • Burn videos to DVD with pretty templates.
  • Record screen/video, compress video, burn CD, create GIF images, and more other features.

Guide on How to Rotate MP4 Video using Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

01 Run Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate and load MP4 files

Free download and open Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate on your PC. The software launches in Convert tab by default. To add local MP4 video from your PC, click on +Add Files. You can also drag and drop the files to the interface. Under the video thumbnail image, there are 3 editing icons for Trim, Crop, and Effect are present. Choose the Crop function and a new video editing window will open.

Tips: To add MP4 files directly from the connected phone (iSO and Android), select the device from the drop-down menu at +Add Files option.

Run Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate and load MP4 files

02 Rotate MP4 video

Under the Rotation section, the icons for rotating file 90 degrees anti-clockwise, 90 degrees clockwise, Flip Horizontal, and Flip Vertical are present. Choose from the desired rotating options as needed. The change in the file can be viewed from the Output Preview window. Click OK when all settings are done.

Rotate MP4 video

03 Choose an output format

Once the files are rotated, now back to the main window of the program. Choose the target format from drop-down menu at Convert all files to: option on the top-right corner. You can choose MP4 or other formats according to your needs.

Rotate MP4 video

04 Rotate MP4 files and export

Finally, select the PC location where you want to save the processed files at the Output tab. Click on Convert All button to start the process. The rotated MP4 files can be managed from the Converted tab.

Rotate MP4 files and export

Part 2. Top 3 Tools to Rotate MP4 Online

If you do not want to download and install software for your video editing needs, online tools can be used for simple functioning. These free programs need no registration or installation as they operate from your PC browser window. For simple functions, these tools are a good option. Listed below are 3 popular programs to rotate MP4 online.

01of 03


This online program allows to rotate MP4 video online in a quick and simple manner. The processed files will need to be downloaded on your PC. There is also an option to post your rotated MP4 videos to YouTube or Facebook as needed. The program supports changing the aspect ratio of the file to fit your target device screen. Moreover, there is also an option to add and change the bands color for better video fit on your device.

Guide to rotate MP4 video online with RotateMyVideo:

Step 1: On your PC browser, launch Click on Pick Video button to browse and add MP4 file from your PC.

Step 2: The added video will be uploaded to the interface. Choose from the option of rotating your file clockwise or anti-clockwise using the right and left arrows.

Step 3: If needed, select Ratio and Bands color.

open RotateMyVideo to rotate mp4

Step 4: Click on Rotate Video button to start the process. Once your file is successfully rotated you can download it on your PC or your phone. There is also an option to post the video to Facebook or YouTube.

start rotate mp4 in RotateMyVideo

02of 03


Another popular video editing tool to get your MP4 rotated online in a simple manner is EZGIF. Using this tool files in MP4, WebM, AVI, and other popular formats can be added to the interface for the editing. The maximum allowed size that can be added is 100MB. Local, as well as online files, can be added to the interface for the process. The program allows rotating and flipping the files with different options. You can encode and keep the file format as the original or can also change it from the available options. The processed and rotated file can be downloaded to your PC from the software.

Guide to rotate MP4 video online with EZGIF:

Step 1: Launch on your PC. Click on Choose file button to browse and add local MP4 video. Click on Upload video button to upload the file to the program.

launch EZGIF to rotate mp4 online

Step 2: After the video is uploaded, the interface will show the options to flip vertical, flip horizontal, rotate 90 degrees, rotate 180 degrees, rotate 180 degrees, and rotate 270 degrees. Choose the one as needed.

Step 1: You can keep the encoding and format as the original file or select from given options. Finally, click on the Rotate Video button to start the process. The rotated file will appear for download on the interface.

use EZGIF to rotate mp4 online

03of 03

Video Rotate

To rotate MP4 video online, this is a decent tool to use. The files can be added from your PC, Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive. Once the file is uploaded, you can choose to rotate it left, rotate it right, flip horizontally, and also flip vertically. The reset option to revert to the original file is also there. Simple interface makes the task of editing quick, and hassle-free. The processed and transformed video can be downloaded at the desired destination on your PC.

Guide to rotate MP4 video online with Video Rotate:

Step 1:Open on your PC browser. Click on Upload your movie button to add the MP4 file to be rotated. The file is uploaded to the interface and the options for rotating appears. Choose from the options as required.

open video rotate site to rotate mp4 online

Step 2: Click on Transform Video button to start processing and rotating your added MP4 files. Download your file from the program interface once the editing process is over.

Click on Transform Video button to start rotating mp4 online

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