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AVI Editor-How to Edit AVI Video on Win/Mac


I have a lot of AVIs on my pc, so I wanna edit by removing stuff, join a few of them so it would be like one big AVI. After this I plan to convert it to DVD and burn it to blank DVD-r then watch on my stand alone DVD player. Can I edit and join my AVIs?


AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) is a popular multimedia container format that can hold video and audio in one stream for playback. Files in AVI format have high picture quality and can be played in many mainstream media players. So AVI format is of high popularity among users. Many people would like to edit AVI files so to make the videos more enjoyable. But the initial thing you need to do is seek help from a powerful AVI editor. Here, I'd like to introduce Aimersoft Video Editor, which provides the editing options of trimming, cropping, merging, rotating and even cutting out distinct parts of video and audio and more. What's more, you can also earn more points for your video by taking good advantage of the provided cool effects and other excellent features. Now, let's check the full instruction about AVI video editing with Aimersoft Video Editor.

Download Video Editor:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to deal with AVI file editing (Windows version)

The steps for compiling a AVI video in Mac are almost the same. Mac users please make sure you have successfully installed AVI Editor for Mac.

1Load file to the program

After running the program, click “Import” to locate your AVI video clips and load them to the media library. Or you can directly drag the target files from your local file directory to the program.

Load File into this AVI Editor

2Compile AVI file

The next step is to drag your video from the media library to the timeline panel. To crop, split, merge your video, you can right click on the thumbnail in the video track and select the corresponding features from the submenu.

Edit AVI Video with Timeline Panel

If you'd like to rotate AVI video, change its playback speed and make it brighter or darker, you can go to edit interface by double clicking on the video thumbnail. Besides, you'll see some tabs above the timeline panel. Here you can touch up your video with a bunch of special effects, transitions, PIP effects, intro/Credit, text and more.

3Burn the compiled AVI video to DVD

After you have finished all your required editing, you have multiple choices to save your final result. To burn the newly-compiled clip to a DVD disc, please click “Create” to open the Output interface and hit “DVD” tab to configure the parameters. Besides, you can save the clip to local directory, sync it to your portable devices like iPhone, iPad, PSP, etc., or even directly publish the video on YouTube to share with more friends online.

Save and share your edited video

Note: This program is not just an AVI video editor, but also an AVI video converter. If you prefer to change the original format before saving the video to local computer, just choose a new one that suits your need from the drop-down list.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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I have only used it twice and found it just brilliant and easy to handle.
As AVI format is the most favorite among all video users including me of course, Aimersoft Video Editor is the perfect choice to edit suitably and burn to DVD or any other device.
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