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Easiest Way to Join Multiple YouTube Videos Together

YouTube is definitely the most popular site in the video sharing category today as it provides users with thousands, if not millions, of videos. Now, if you are a fan of YouTube, you might have downloaded a number of instructional or interesting videos from this amazing site. But what if you intend to join YouTube videos together to create a new single file for continuous playback or easy management? In fact, this task can be easily accomplished as long as you turn to a professional YouTube joiner for help.

Of all the joiners in the market, Filmora Video Editor is no doubt the most ideal program that can fully meet your requirements. With its help, you are able to join a bunch of YouTube videos into one file without downgrading the picture quality. You can load as many clips as you want and combine them with only a few clicks. Furthermore, this program also offers you dozens of amazing transition effects, giving you another option for enhancing your videos. With the rich features of the Video Editor, you can easily take your videos to the next level.

This program is compatible with a wide range of media formats. So your files will be well supported. At the same time, you are also able to convert your videos to a new format according to your needs. Now download the free trail and combine YouTube videos together by following the steps below.

Download YouTube Joiner:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to integrate multiple YouTube videos into one

The instruction below is based on Windows version. Mac user can use the same instruction.

1Import your video files

Once you have installed the program successfully, you need to launch it to start loading the video clips that you want to join. You can either directly drag all the videos from your local folder to the program, or click the Import button on the top left corner to add your videos.

YouTube video join

If you prefer to add the whole folder at a time, you can click the Arrow button beside Import and select Add Folder.

2Put YouTube videos together

After importing your videos, you are ready to combine them into one single file. Drag the videos from the User's Album to the Timeline panel below in the order you prefer. After the video appearing on the Timeline panel, you are still free to rearrange their sequence. Simply click the video thumbnail within the video track and then you can move the clip to any place you like. Then the program will hence join the videos from left to right.

Combine youtube videos

3Insert transition effects (Optional)

If you'd like to make the switches between clips more creative, you can apply transition effects to your videos to achieve the goal. Hit the Transition tab above the Timeline panel to access to the provided effects. You can move your mouse pointer onto each effect to see how it animates. To apply any transition you prefer, please drag it to the scene between two clips. Double click on the transition within the video track, you can even shorten or lengthen its duration.

Join youtube

4Output the final result

Now it's time to decide how to output the combined video. You can access to the provided options for output by clicking the Create button. Here you are able to:

  • Export the video to Apple products, smartphones, game devices and more;
  • Save the video to the local computer in its original format or any format you like;
  • Publish the video on YouTube or Facebook from the application;
  • Burn the video to a DVD disc for watching on TV with a DVD player.

Join youtube clips

You are free to choose any of the five channels to republish your video. When done, please click the Create button again to generate the final result.

When you use the Video Editor to join YouTube videos, you can also explore other outstanding features to create your own movies with eye-catching effects.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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