How to Join Multiple M4V Files into One

With several M4V videos in hand, sometimes you may want to merge them together to create one large file so as to play them easily without interruptions. If this is the case, look no further than Filmora Video Editor. This powerful and professional software will lend you a hand in joining M4V files.

With its help, separate M4V video clips can be assembled into a complete file without being re-encoded. So the picture quality will be as good as the original file. If you like, you can insert amazing transition effects in between two video clips to make your video more stunning. In addition to merging M4V videos together, this professional tool can also fully meet your need in joining videos with other different formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV, MPG, ASF, VOB and more.

Simple Guide to Merge M4V Videos

merge m4v

Merging is only one of the excellent features that Filmora Video Editor has. This program also provides many other classic editing features for media files like trimming, rotating, cropping, splitting and so on. What's more, there are advanced features that you can use to customize M4V videos with filters, picture-in-picture effects, credits/intro and many more.

join m4v

Step 1. Load M4V video files

After launching the program, you need to load the target videos via the "Import" button. Another simple way to import videos is to directly drag the files from local folder to the program. Once you do this, the files will be shown in the media library.

combine m4v

Step 2. Put M4V clips together

After adding all the target files to the media library, you could drag them to the Timeline panel. The program will merge the new file from left to right sequence in the video track. Therefore, you’d better drag all the clips from User's Album to the timeline panel in order. Alternatively, you can rearrange the clips in the video track simply by dragging.

merge m4v videos

Tips: To further personalize your video, you can add amazing transitions to your video. To do this, please click "Transition" button above the Timeline panel and drag the one you like to the needed place. Transition effects can be placed in between two clips, as well as the beginning or ending of each clip.

combine m4v videos

Step 3. Export your project as a single M4V file

Click "Create" to activate the “Output” interface. Hit “Format” tab and select M4V from the dropdown list. Then click "Create" again to start the process of joining. Wait for a while and your file will be saved to local computer.

In addition to this way, this program also provides other three options for you to output the joined file: export to portable device, publish to YouTube from application and burn to DVD.

See, this handy tool makes M4V joining task so much easier. Now you can happily enjoy the integrated video with no interruption any more.

In my opinion this software is the easiest and fastest encoder in the market today. I've used 3 other video editors and for most of them, the speed was always an issue. I use m4v format videos and often times I need to join them to turn them into one long clip, this software was very useful in joining all the files together. This was by far one of the best purchases this year.
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