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YouTube Trimmer-How to Trim YouTube Effortlessly

YouTube provides a large amount of wonderful videos. If you find some videos you are really interested in, you may download them immediately. But what if you prefer to only keep a funny or useful segment of the downloaded video? What if you want to remove an unwanted scene to make the video more enjoyable? Now you can solve the above problems by trimming YouTube videos.

If you are planning to handle this task, Aimersoft Video Editor will give you a hand. This solid YouTube Trimmer lets you precisely cut off a particular fragment from the video without hassle. You only need to move the progress bar to define new starting and ending points of the segment that you want to extract and click a few times. That's it!

After trimming, you can freely personalize your video with other editing features like crop, merge, rotate and more. Or further touch up your video with abundant cool effects and filters, transitions and etc. FLV video format can be well accepted by this software. So with this smart helper, you can trim as many YouTube videos as you like.

Download video editor:

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How to trim YouTube video

The following tutorial will tell you how to cut YouTube video in Windows. The trimming steps in Mac are almost the same. But Mac users need to install YouTube video Trimmer for Mac before starting the process.

1Load the untrimmed video to the program

Make sure you have successfully installed the program. You need to load the YouTube video that you want to trim after running the program. The simplest way is to directly drag the file from local computer to the primary interface. Or you can also click "Import" to load the source video. Then the imported video will be displayed in the User's Album.

Load video

2Extract a particular section

Drag the video from User's Album to the timeline panel. Move the progress bar to define the duration of your specific video clip and click "Scissors" button to cut it out. In order to make a precise trimming, you can play the video in the preview window to mark the exact time points. At any time, you can click "Undo" to start over.

Trim youtube video

Note: In addition to trim, this program also allows you to merge YouTube in clicks. Drag the separate video clips to the timeline panel and rearrange their sequence. Then click "Create" to generate the new file.

3Export the trimmed video

Preview the result to check whether it is what you want. If it is, then you can click "Create" to choose the way of output according to your need. For later watching, you can save the video to local computer or export it to mobile device. These two ways allow you to adjust video resolution, bit rate and more. For sharing with family and friends, you can directly publish the video on YouTube or burn it to a DVD disc.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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I download lots of Youtube videos, so needless to say I like to edit them and organize them neatly. I used my cousin's laptop the other day to edit some clips and as it turns out, some of the more popular video editing software are too overly complicated. Youtube Trimmer on the other hand was intuitive and easy to use. I installed it, played around with it for about five minutes, and I was ready to edit my first video clip. It was as simple as that.
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