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How to Join MTS Files in an Efficient Way

MTS, a high-definition AVC, MPEG transport stream video, is a file format that is used commonly by HD camcorders from Sony, Panasonic, Canon and other brands. When using camcorder to shoot videos, you will end up with some clips which are separated in multiple files rather than one big file. If you are tired of waiting for the switches when watching the clips, joining MTS files will be an ideal solution to this problem.

If you want to accomplish the task in an efficient way, you'd better seek help from a powerful and professional MTS video joiner like Filmora Video Editor. This qualified program will support you in combining a series of MTS videos without degrading picture quality. And the multi-track design will make the whole process much easier. In addition to simply joining MTS videos together, this program also provides 50+ amazing transition effects, which will make different video footages flow smoothly into each other. Besides, this program also supports many other popular formats such as VOB, AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, M4V, MPG, ASF, WMV, etc.

With the aid of this multifunctional application, you are able to create fantastic movies by yourself. Its straightforward interface and rich features can not only help you accomplish various editing jobs, but also bring you much more surprise.

Download video editor:

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How to join MTS files together (Windows screenshots)

The following tutorial will instruct you to integrate a series of MTS videos using a simple operation. Mac users should install Video Editor for Mac and then follow the same steps.

1Load the files you want to join

After running the program on your computer, you can load the files by clicking the Import button. Alternatively, you can also load the whole file folder by clicking the triangle button beside Import and selecting Add folder. Once your videos have been added successfully, they will appear in the User's Album.

Load mts videos

2Put MTS video files together

The next step is to drag all the files from User's Album to the Timeline panel. The playback sequence of the new file depends on the left-right order in the video track. If needed, you can adjust the position of each clip so that the new file can be played in the order you want. To achieve the task, you can left click and hold down the clip, then move it to any place you like.

Join mts videos together

3Retouch your video (Optional)

Adding transition is an effective way to make the switches between clips more interesting or artistic. Hit the Transition tab above the Timeline panel to open the transition library. Choose any effect you like and drag it to the scene between clips. If you want to adjust the duration of each effect, just double click the transition clip in the video track to set the time.

Add transition

Tips: Highlight the target clip in the video track and click the Edit button to open the Edit box. Here you can freely change the playback speed of the video, brighten or darken it, turn the video 90 degrees and more.

4Export the combined file

The last step is to open the Output window by clicking Create button. As the following picture shows, there are four options available:

  • For later watching anywhere, you can click Device and select the target device;
  • For saving to local computer, you can click Format and specify the destination folder;
  • For more sharing, please click YouTube and input user’s name and password;
  • For better preservation, please click DVD and configure the required parameters.

Output video

Once everything is OK, you need to click Create again to publish to a new format in same quality. Minutes later, the integrated MTS file will be available for you to play seamlessly as one large video.

Tips: Video Editor can also serves as a brilliant converter. If you like, you are able to convert your videos to any formats. Hit the Format tab to access to various video/audio/image formats.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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the best Aimersoft Video Editor
Hi,trevor. You can achieve the goal by adding intro/credit or by adding text. You just need to drag the template you prefer to the timeline and put it to the desire place.
hello are you able to add like a Title to your movie and say chapters?
It's true that it's annoying that often times HD camcorders split mts files and you have to keep one clip from one event, as two or three separate files. However, what I really like about aimersoft is that you can choose the output format in any format you like. So you can make quality backups that are often times less than 50% of the original file's size and that makes backing up much easier. Trust me when I say this, once you get used to a software like this, you can never go back :D
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