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How to Merge Multiple MKV Files into One Effortlessly

MKV is a very popular container file format today because it has the capacity to store audio, video and subtitles in a single stream. If you happen to have multiple MKV clips in hand, you might want to know how to merge MKV files so as to well manage and share your files. To complete the task in an efficient way, you need to turn to Aimersoft Video Editor.

This smart tool outshines other programs in many aspects, providing you the simplest and most effective way of combining MKV files. With it, the task can be completed at a surprisingly high speed. And the video quality will not be downgraded. At the meantime you can even insert dynamic transition effects between two clips, making the switches more artistic. Also, no matter how many MKV clips you have, you are free to import them for merging.

Video Editor is not simply an ideal solution to MKV merge, but also a multifunctional tool to enhance video, with which, you are able to gain more fun from your videos. Its intuitive interface and straightforward workspace enable you to complete any editing tasks by clicking few times and dragging-n-dropping. In addition to MKV, almost all the formats are supported, such as AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, ASF, MTS, VOB, M4V and many more. Download this amazing program and install it to start your editing job!

Download video editor:

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How to put several MKV videos together

For Mac users, MKV Merger for Mac is your ideal choice. Please download the right version on your computer and complete the task by following the same guide.

1Add source files to the program

First and foremost, drag source files directly from local folder to the program after launching it on your computer. You could also click Import to add the videos that you want to merge. When the files have been loaded successfully, you can preview them in the embedded player and take snapshots as you wish.

Import avi videos

2Integrate MKV files

Second, drag the files from media library to the Timeline panel for further processing. These videos are going to be shown as thumbnails in the video track. The new file will be combined according to the left-right sequence in the video track. You have two ways to rearrange the playback order. One is to drag the files from User's Album to the Timeline panel in order; the other is to left click and hold down the clip, and then drag it to the needed place.

Combine avi files

3Personalize your files with transition effects (Optional)

In addition to merging, you can enhance the integrated files by adding transition effects. Hit Transition tab above the Timeline panel to open the transition library, where you can access to a variety of animated effects.

To apply any transitions you like, please drag it to the scene between two clips or right click and select Apply. If you'd like to set the duration time for each transition, you can double click on it in the video track and set the time in the pop-up window.

Insert transitions

4Save the combined video

Once you have finished personalizing your video, now you can click Create to activate Output interface. As you'll see, there are four options for output available. You can choose the most suitable way by clicking the corresponding tabs.

With this program, your files can be saved to destination folder in local computer or exported to portable devices like iPad, iPhone, PSP, smartphones etc. What's more, in order to make you better enjoy the video, this program also allows you to upload the video directly from the application or burn to a DVD disc.

Insert transitions

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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If you're in the market for video editors, then you'll be unpleasantly surprised to learn just how many of them don't support the mkv format. By the way, the ones that do, they are horribly slow to encode the mkvs, which make them useless. So I kept on researching about best video editor and came across aimersoft. I have to say that this is by far the fastest encoder I've found yet, so it's pretty much the best way to merge mkv files at the moment.
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