How to Crop YouTube Videos to Remove Black Borders

YouTube site has videos in almost every category including TV clips, family drama and home movies. This popular site uses video coding technology from Adobe Flash 9 and Sorenson Spark to compress as well as convert uploaded videos, but it does not have a good video quality like other internet streaming technology. There are times when the videos will have black or blank areas at the sides and you might have to remove such borders by cropping the clips. In addition, by cropping YouTube videos, you are able to zoom on certain screen area of the video.

Best Tool to Crop YouTube Videos

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To achieve the above goals, you need a good video editing tool like Filmora Video Editor which can give you great support in YouTube video crop. You can not only crop videos manually by adjusting the cropping frame, but also crop them automatically by choosing different aspect ratios. This program is not merely a YouTube Cropper. With its powerful editing features, you are able to create professional-grade movies out of video, audio and image files. Intuitive interface and straightforward process enable users to quickly and easily finish any editing task. No matter whether you are a newbie or not, you'll soon know how to use this smart tool. Video Editor supports nearly all the media formats and allows you to convert your files to any favorite format. Why not download this program and give it a try right now?

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Step 1. Load YouTube videos

Launch the program and then click the Import button on the top left corner to load your videos. Another option is to locate the target files in the local drive and then drag them directly to the program. The program also has a sort function that will allow you to find the files quickly. You can click the Sort button on the top right corner of the User's Album to sort the media files by type, duration or name.

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Step 2. Crop a YouTube video

After you have successfully added your video, you need to drag it from the User's Album to the Timeline panel. Then right click the clip in the video track and select Crop to open the Crop interface. Alternatively, you can also double click the clip in the video track and then press the Crop button in the Edit box.

In the Crop interface, you can adjust the cropping frame (the dashed-line area) manually in the left window while viewing the real-time effect in the right window. To crop the video automatically, you can choose either the 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. When everything is done, click OK to confirm.

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Step 3. Export the cropped video

Lastly, click Create to choose a way to output your video. For better viewing, you can save the video to a local folder, export it to your mobile device. For more sharing, you'd better republish it on YouTube and Facebook, or burn it to a DVD disc. After you have chosen one suitable way, click Create again to generate the video.

Without annoying black bars, you can freely enjoy your videos and put a focus on certain area to make them fit the screen of your portable device.

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