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How to Merge FLV Files Effortlessly in Windows/Mac

FLV files load fast and produce relatively smaller file sizes. So many videos and movies are delivered in this format online. If you happen to get a movie downloaded online but find it has been split to clips, perhaps you have to watch these FLV videos with a lot of breaks unless you know how to merge FLV videos.

However, your problem can be well resolved with Aimersoft Video Editor. This smart program can integrate FLV files quickly without doing any harm to the original picture quality. The easy-to-use workspace allows you to finish this task in a hassle-free way. In addition to FLV, this program also supports many other popular formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, JPG, MP3, BMP, WMA and much more. Separate tracks are also provided for video, music, audio, text and so on, which allow you to edit all the elements with accuracy.

In addition to combining FLV videos into one, you have the options to copy and paste different segments, crop to extract black margins, trim to keep certain parts, rotate vertically or horizontally, remove audio from files, add background, text, watermarks and more. And you can complete all of this in just a few clicks!

Download video editor:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to put FLV files together (Windows screenshots)

If you want to give this FLV video merger a try, you can download it right now. Mac users need to download Video Editor for Mac first and then follow the same tutorial.

1Import your FLV files

One simple way to load your files is to directly drag them from local computer to the program. All the added files will be displayed in User's Album, where you can sort them by name, duration and type. Another way to load files is to click on the Import button to select target videos in your file folder.

Import avi videos

2Merge FLV videos together into a single file

Before starting step 2, you should bear in mind that the program will combine the files in the video track from left to right. So you'd better orderly drag the files from User's Album to the Timeline panel. If you prefer to set the video sequence in the video track, that's OK. All you need to do is left click and hold on the target clip then drag it to any place you like.

Combine avi files

Tips: This program offers a variety of transition effects, which can make the switches between two clips more smooth and natural. To apply transition effect, you can click the Transition tab above the Timeline panel and drag your favorite effect to the scene between clips.

Insert transitions

3Choose the way of output

Preview the final result and make sure you have got what you want. Then click Create to choose an appreciate way to output the merged file:

Save the video directly to local computer, please click Format and specify the destination folder; Export the video to mobile devices, please click Device and choose your device from the list.

In addition, by clicking the YouTube tab and signing your account, you can republish the video from the application. And by clicking DVD and configuring the parameters, the video can be burned to DVD.

Insert transitions

Now, after finishing this task, you are able to comfortably watch the movie and completely get rid of such problem from now on!

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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