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How to Join Multiple MPG Files with High Quality

If you have a video which came in two or more segments with MPG extension, you may have the need to join them into a single file for easier viewing and storage. There are numerous programs capable of joining MPG files. But Aimersoft Video Editor will provide you the simplest and most effective way to achieve the task.

This MPG File Joiner can join unlimited number of MPG clips without recompression. Therefore, the quality of output videos can be well guaranteed. Moreover, the interface and the process of joining are so straightforward that any amateur can complete the task with simple clicks. And with a bunch of stunning transition effects offered, your videos will be more fun than before.

This program is extremely user-friendly with many functions that will make your videos gain more points. No matter you want to do some basic editing jobs like trimming, splitting, cropping, rotating and etc., or further personalize your videos with special effects, distinguishable watermarks and more, you can seek help from this all-in-one program. Get this program right now to compile any video or movie projects from your audio, video and image files. In the end, you will have movies with professional looks and trendy video effects.

Download video editor:

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How to join MPG videos into one

This tutorial takes Windows version as an example. If you are a Mac user, you can also follow the same steps to assemble MPG videos after installing Video Editor for Mac.

1Load source video files

First and foremost, launch the program and click the Import button to load the video files you want to join. Alternatively, you can also directly drag all the files from local folder to the program. In the Preview window, you are able to watch the added files and freely take snapshots.

Load mpg videos

2Start combining MPG videos

After all the files have been added successfully, you can then drag them from User's Album to the Timeline panel. If necessary, you can reorganize the files in the desired sequence within the video track. To do this, please left click and hold down each clip then reposition it.

Join mpg videos together

Tips: If you want to make the new file more attractive, you can insert transition effects to the scene between clips. To open the transition library, please hit the Transition tab above the Timeline panel. Here, you are free to choose any effect you like from more than 50 eye-catching effects. To apply transition, you can directly drag it to the video track.

Add transition

3Export the final result

Before generating the combined file, you'd better check the effect in the Preview window. Then click Create to choose a suitable way of output. This smart tool offers you many options. You can either save the file to destination folder in any format you like, or export it to portable devices for later watching. If you prefer to share the video with family and friends, you'd better directly upload it to YouTube or burn to DVD.

This program supports a wide range of input/output formats which include MP4, FLV, AVI, VOB, 3GP, MOV, F4V, M4V and more. Feel free to load your files and add your personal touch as you wish.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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Aimersoft can join mpg files together easily, but it's really so much more than that. It's a full on video editor that can do just about anything that you can imagine, so instead of having some boring collection of videos, you can edit a bunch of them together and make a really interesting compilation. I've had a ton of fun putting many cool clips together and I love that it can render videos so fast.
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