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How to Join Multiple TS Files into One Single File

TS formats are used for storing high-definition videos in a DVD. If you explore into videos under TS folder in a DVD, you will find that they are broken into multiple clips. This will indeed cause a lot of trouble when you play and store the videos. If you are encountering such situation, joining TS files will be the best way-out.

Filmora Video Editor is strongly recommended to help you combine TS files quickly and easily without causing reduction in picture quality. No matter how many clips you want to merge, the program will finish the task in a very short time. Multiple-track design enables you to merge your files in a convenient way. What's more, this program lets you add personal touch to your videos with a variety of animated transitions.

Video Editor is more than a tool to join TS videos together. It is equipped with multiple functions, which can well meet your various needs in editing and further touching up videos. For example, with it, you can crop videos to extract black margins, splitting large files into many smaller clips, rotating to get the correct position, compressing videos to get small file sizes and much more. It also offers advanced editing features such as PIP effects, texts, intro/credits, hold and flash, mosaic, tilt-shirt, face off and etc. to help you make movies with Hollywood quality.

As for the supported input/output video formats, besides TS, it also accepts many other formats such as MOV, AVI, MPG, MP4, MPG, ASF, WMV, M4V‚ VOB, MKV‚ and more. So feel free to load your files and edit them as you wish!

Download video editor:

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How to Combine TS Video Files

This program works well in both Windows and Mac. Mac users please download Video Editor for Mac. The steps for joining TS videos in Mac are almost the same.

1Import the media files

Launch the program and add your TS files by clicking the Import button. Another option is to find the files in local computer and drag them directly to the program. All the loaded files will be displayed as thumbnails in the User's Album.

Load ts videos

Tips: By clicking the triangle button next to Import and selecting Add Folder, you can easily load a whole file folder at one go.

2Integrate TS clips into one

The Timeline panel is used for joining videos. So the next step is to drag the videos from User's Album to the Timeline panel. The playback sequence of the integrated file depends on the left-right order in the video track. To adjust the video sequence, you can left click on each clip and drag it to any place you like.

Join ts videos together

Tips: Before generating the new file, you can cut out some unwanted segments if necessary. Move the playback indicator to the starting and ending points of the segment, then click the Scissors button respectively at these two spots.

3Apply transition effects (Optional)

Inserting transition effects in between two video clips will make your video more attractive. By clicking Transition button above the timeline panel, you will access to 50+ animated effects. Drag the preferred transition to the scene between two clips, then the effect will be automatically applied to the video.

Add transition

Tips: To preview how each transition animates, you can move mouse pointer onto the effect. To adjust the duration of transition, you can double click the transition thumbnail in the video track and adjust the time in the pop-up window.

4Output the new file

Click Create to choose a favorite way of output. This program allows you to publish videos via different channels. If you prefer to watch the new file on portable devices like iPhone, iPad, smartphones, Xbox and so on, you can click Device to select your device. If you plan to save the video directly to local computer, please click Format. This option allows you to export resulted videos to another format. For YouTubers, by clicking YouTube tab, your video will be published on YouTube from the application. If you are going to watch the video through a DVD player, you click DVD and then define the settings such as TV Standard, Aspect Ratio, Video Quality and more.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

merge ts videos

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TS files are big and very cluttering, they're terrible to keep them in individual file format instead of what they're meant to be, the disc format. The problem with DVD disc (the ones you burn) is that they're generally good for only 5 years and after that, the data on the disc become unreadable. Who wants to lose the video clip of their newborn's first step because the DVD got corrupted? Anybody? LOL. Well, that's why I decided to get this software, because it can easily join files together. I use it almost every week, it was a great purchase.
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