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How to Join WMV Files Together on Windows/Mac

If you have several video clips and want to join them together, Aimersoft Video Editor will be your right choice. It can help you join WMV videos with ease. Since it is a very professional WMV Joiner, you don't need to worry about the output quality and combining speed. Just a few clicks, you can get what you want.

It can merge not only WMV files, but also video in any other formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, VOB, 3GP, MOV, MPG, MPEG and more. In addition to joining videos, this program also has many other powerful editing functions, such as trim, crop, rotate, speed-up/slow-down, etc. If you are eager to make an amazing movie all by yourself, you can also rely on the Video Editor. It offers a bunch of good-looking effects, filters and transitions and more, enabling you to personalize your videos as you wish.

Download WMV Joiner:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Before starting your editing job, you need to download and install this WMV video joiner. Then just follow the guide below, you'll find out how to join WMV files easily. If you are using a Mac, please get the equivalent Mac version called Aimersoft Video Editor for Mac. The way to combine WMV files together on Mac is the same.

How to merge WMV files together

1Add the WMV files

After launching the application, you can then add the files you want to join to the program. To achieve the goal, you can either click the Import button on the top of the User's Album or directly drag all the files to the program from the local folder.

join wmv files

2Join WMV files

When you have successfully added the videos, you can drag them to the Timeline Panel. Then the videos will appear in the video track. This program will combine the video clips from left to right. If you want to adjust the video sequence, you can right click on the target video and move it to any place you like.

join wmv files together

3Choose a way of output

Lastly, click the Create button to open the Output interface. You are free to choose any channel you like to output your combined video:

  • To transfer the video to portable devices, please click the Device tab;
  • To save the video in the local hard drive with a preferred format, please click the Format tab;
  • To publish the video on YouTube and Facebook, please click the YouTube or the Facebook tab;
  • To burn the video to a DVD disc, please click the DVD tab.

When you get this ready, click Create again to start joining multiple WMV files together.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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