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How to Add Watermark to Video

If you are worrying that your videos will be used without authorization, watermark video is an effective way to eliminate your worry. With watermark, it's easy to identify the video's creator, protect its copyright and make it more distinguishable. What's more, adding a company logo as watermark will be helpful to promote brand.

Aimersoft Video Editor not only has an expertise in video editing, but also has excellent performance in video watermarking. This handy application allows you to embed text, image, logo and more to your video. With the provided 20+ text templates and 30+ image animations, you can freely choose whatever you like and edit them in your favorite way. This video watermarking software works in Windows and Mac and has a wide range of supported formats such as AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, JPG, BMP and more.

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How to add a watermark to your video files

This guide will explain you the steps for watermarking video. Now, let's follow it to brand your video! Mac users can also follow the same steps after downloading and installing Video Editor for Mac.

1Load the source file into the program

First and foremost, add your video to the program by clicking the Import button. If you are going to add an image as the watermark, import the image at the same time. The loaded multimedia files will be displayed in the User's Album.

Video watermarking

2Add image watermark

Drag the target video from the User's Album to the video track and the image file to the PIP 1 track. Double click on the image thumbnail to open the editing window. You can freely choose an animated effect and double it click to apply. Besides, you can also adjust the image size by dragging any of its corners and position it in the preview window.

Tips: Click the Advanced button to pop up advanced editing window. Here you can change image shapes, apply shadow and border, adjust transparency and more.

3Add text watermark

Drag the target video from the User's Album to the Timeline panel and click the Text tab to access to the text template window. Choose a template to your liking and drag it to the text track. Double click on the text thumbnail to type in the words and define font, color and etc. Position the text watermark in the preview window.

Watermark videos

Note: To display the watermark throughout the entire video, you can drag the right edge of the watermark image to the end of the timeline.

4Save the watermarked video

When the editing work is done, preview the watermarked video. If you're happy with the result, click Create to save the file. You can save your video to local computer, export it to multimedia device, upload it to YouTube and Facebook or burn it to DVD. All you need to do is to click the corresponding tag and configure parameters. Then click Create again to complete the process.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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