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How to Add Text to Personalize Your Video

Impressive video works like an inner bond that draws one person to another. Words can tie this bond closely. So adding text or title to a video file can help personalize your video and make it more attractive and self-expressive. Audience will hence get a better understanding of the true thought and feeling you want to express.

Aimersoft Video Editor (Mac version) is multi-functional and easy-to-use video editing software, with which you can add text to video quickly and easily. You can type in a text in the provided templates and get additional options like font, color, style, animation and etc. to customize your video. In addition to adding text to the original video, this handy software also allows you to add titles, intros or credit clips for video to make your movie professional looking.

Download video editor:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to add text to a video file effortlessly

This tutorial will give you instruction on how to make your video more informative by adding captions to it.

1Import a video file to the program

Launch the program and load your video files to the media library by clicking "Import". Alternatively, you can also click the video editor icon located in the left-upper corner and select "Add Files". The video you loaded will be listed in the media library.

2Add text to a video

Next, drag the target video to the timeline panel. Click the "Text" button and choose the text effect you fancy from various effects provided. Drag the chosen effect to text track in the timeline. You'll see the effect is presented as a text thumbnail with a leading letter "T". Then you can schedule the time when to let this text appear. The attached picture is for your reference.

Add text to video

If you need more options, please double click the "T" icon to access to the text editing window. Here you can type in the text you want to add over and select the appearance of the text like font, font size, color, style, animation and etc.

Note: In the preview window, you can move the textbox to any place you want after typing in the text you want to add over.

3Save the edited video

After editing job is done, you'd better preview the video clip to see how the text displays. If you haven't got what you want, you can click "Return" to back to the text effect window. If you're satisfied, click "Create" to save the video. Four options are offered:

  • Export it to portable devices, please click "Device" and select your target device;
  • Save it to local computer in a popular video format, please click "Format" and choose your favorite output format;
  • Upload it on YouTube directly, please click "YouTube" and input the required info;
  • Burn it to DVD disc for playback, please click "DVD" and select the parameters.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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