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How to Slow down Videos in Windows/Mac

Want to learn an online lesson but cannot hear some parts clearly at regular speed? Start to learn dancing but the educational video goes so quickly that you cannot follow the moves? Never mind. What you need to do is to slow down video with an awesome video editing software.

Aimersoft Video Editor is undoubted an expert in editing video speed. With its outstanding speed-altering feature, this smart software will help you slow down the playback speed of your original video footage with a click. Then you can watch videos in slow motion to catch a movement that you can't figure out at regular speed.

No matter your videos are downloaded from YouTube or other websites, or recorded by cameras or mobile phones, this program can make them slow motion. What’s more, it works well with a wide range of video formats, such as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, MPG, ASF, M4V, VOB and etc.

Download video editor:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to slow down a video with ease

This turorial takes Windows as an example. The steps for slowing down a video in Mac are almost the same. But Mac users need to make sure that you have downloaded and installed Video Editor for Mac on your computer.

1Add your original video clips

First and foremost, click Import to open your videos in the program. Or simply drag and drop the target video from your local computer to the media library.

Slow down movies

2Slow down video

After successfully importing the video, drag it from the media library to the timeline panel and double click on it to open the editing interface. You can also go to the editing interface by right-clicking the video clip in the timeline and then choosing Edit.There are four different speed options available: 1 indicates the original speed, 0.5 is half of the original speed. To slow down the video, you need to move the speed slider to 0.5 to make it play at half its original speed.

Slowing down videos

Tips: In addition to slowing down video, the speed-altering effect also allows you to speed up video by simply dragging the speed-altering slider to the right. Among the options, 1.5 indicates 1.5 times of the original speed; 2 indicates double of the original speed.

3Save the video after slowing down

After previewing the video, you can save the video by clicking Create. You can either save it by clicking Format in your preferred format or export it to mobile devices by clicking Device. Besides, the edited video can also be shared on YouTube and Facebook directly or burn to DVD by clicking the corresponding tabs.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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I just downloaded this video editor and was wondering exactly how to slow down parts of my video! This tutorial was extremely helpful. Thanks a lot and keep on posting :)
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