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The Fastest Way to Speed up a YouTube Video

YouTube provides users with a large amount of amazing videos. But when you are busy with work or school, you will have little time to watch videos as many as you like. At this moment, you may want to skip the useless scenes to save time. But when you fast forward a YouTube video manually, you will probably miss some important information. Is there a way to watch more YouTube videos in less time without missing anything important? Of course. You can easily solve this problem by speeding up YouTube videos.

To be honest, a plenty of programs can help you complete this task. Of all, Aimersoft Video Editor is the most efficient software to speed up YouTube videos. With this smart tool, you are provided with various options for changing the playback speed of your videos. And the operation is so easy that you only need to move the speed-alter slider to a preferred rate. In addition to increasing the speed of YouTube videos, you can also slow down the videos so as to keep pace with the content. With Video Editor, your editing requirements can be fully meet. You can cut off the unwanted parts, split the long video into short pieces, and crop the screen to remove the black bars and more. What's more, a bunch of eye-catching effects are offered, which enable you to touch up your videos as you like. Besides YouTube videos, almost any other videos you recorded or downloaded can be well accepted.

Download Video Editor:

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How to make YouTube videos play faster

The following will give you some easy tips based on Windows version. If you are a Mac user, you can also follow this tutorial to speed up YouTube videos on Mac after downloading Video Editor for Mac.

1Load YouTube videos to the program

Launch the program and then click the Import button to add the videos that you want to speed up. You also have the option to directly drag the files from your computer's hard drive into the Video Editor. The loaded files will be displayed as thumbnails in the User's Album.

Speed up youtube

2Quicken YouTube videos playback

Next, you need to drag the target video from the User's Album to the Timeline panel below. Double click the video thumbnail inside the video track in order to open up the editing interface. The flowing picture is attached for your reference. Four options for speed-alter are located at the bottom of the interface.

  • 0.5 - half of the original speed;
  • 1 - the original speed of your video;
  • 1.5 - 1.5x the original speed;
  • 2 - 2x the original speed.

Youtube speed up

You can set the playback speed by moving the speed-alter slider. Preview the video to make sure it has been changed to a pleasant speed.

3Output your video in different ways

At last, you need to click the Create button to output the final result. You can choose any of the five provided channels to publish your video: saving to a local folder, exporting to mobile device, uploading to YouTube, sharing on Facebook or burning to a DVD disc. When you have made a decision, you can click Create again to confirm your choice.

Play youtube faster

A moment later, you can watch YouTube videos in fast motion without hassle. And you don't have to worry that something important will be missed out.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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Needless to say you tube so far the best guide to upload and download as well as watch the new along with best trailer. Sometimes it hard to get the actual video for the speed of internet. In that case speed up the you tube video following the above mentioned guidelines and the course of actions are very much worth in all the way. Thanks for sharing the information to all.
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