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How to Brighten a Dark Video in the Simplest Way

In some indoor places, the lighting might be bad. If you happened to take videos in such places, your video may look dark. Sometimes, even if the videos look normal on the camera or on the computer, they may still become dark after being uploaded to YouTube or Facebook. It's really annoying!

When running into this problem, it’s particularly necessary to brighten video. Is there a program for lightening a video up? Of course! Almost all the video editing software has an option for making a video brighter. But in the meantime, you may see a reduction in the picture quality. Here I recommend you Filmora Video Editor, which will help you alter the brightness of the video in clicks without making it look grainy. With this solid and easy-to-use software, you can always get your wonderful videos back and regain the joy it brings you. Now please follow this article step by step to learn how to lighten a dark video up.

Download video editor:

How to adjust the brightness of a video

Mac users please download Video Editor first and then follow the same tutorial.

1Add your video clip into the program

Firstly, run the program and add your video by clicking "Import". Alternatively, you can also drag-n-drop it to the User's Album from your computer. This program has a wide range of supported media formats including AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, JPG, BMP, MP3, WMA and more.

Load video

2Increase the brightness of your video

Subsequently, drag the target video to the timeline panel. Double click on it or click "Edit" button to open the editing interface. This interface will allow you to alter its contrast, saturation, brightness, hue and so on.

Brighten video

To make the video brighter, move the brightness-slider to the right. Contrarily, move the slider to the left to lower the brightness of the video. The effect after modification can be seen in the preview window punctually. If you're not happy with the result, just click "Reset" to start over.

3Save the final video after editing

Once you have adjusted the brightness to a pleasant rate, click "Create" to save the edited video. To save it to local computer, please click "Format". If you have the need to re-publish the video to another format, just choose a new format from the available options; Export your video to iPad, iPod, smatphones, PSP and etc, please click "Device" and select your device from the list.

Besides the above two channels for publishing videos, this program also allows you to upload the video directly to hot social media like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or burn it to "DVD".

Brighten video

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Clone of Wondershare''s Filmora. Slightly better UI, slightly less functionality. It''s a good program The only thing I wasn''t really fond of is no realtime view of effect on video until applied but I did like the burning balloon example, hehe. but the program it''s based from does better work overall. No, I''m not affiliated with their company. Could care less if they tank really. Just have both programs on my PC currently. :)
i start new movie 4:3 and the launcher disappears and nothing happen please fix :(
thanks a lot. it helped
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