How to Add Transitions to Videos to Smooth the Change between Scenes

Anyone who has watched television news will for sure be familiar with transition effects. As digital video has become the new standard, an emphasis on video editing has come to the forefront of home video production. However, most of the video editing beginners or enthusiasts are unacquainted to compositing video editing software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Now with Aimersoft Video Editor, video editing can be a simple and rewarding experience. Applying transitions to videos can add a professional touch to your beginning productions and blend the change between clips, making one scene flow into another naturally. Let's check the details together.

Video Editor is a cross-platform program, which works well with both Windows operating system and Mac OS X. For Mac users, please download and install Video Editor for Mac on your computer before starting your editing task.

Part 1. Steps for Applying Transition Effects to Videos on Windows

1. Load Target Files

Transfer your movies or video clips from your hard drive into Video Editor by clicking the Import button. This program supports all popular video formats, so you do not need to convert or worry about the formats of your target files. All the loaded files will be listed in the User's Album as the following picture shows.

insert transition effect

Add scenes transition effects

2. Add Scene Transition Effects

Over 50 sets of stunning built-in transition effects are provided for you to make your video scene better. Click Transition to find all the transition effects, preview to find the one you like and then drag it to the timeline to apply it. You can then adjust the transition duration time and position as you like.

3. Save the Compiled Video

Preview the edited video after you have finished the transition effects adding. If the preview is ok, click the Export button to save it. You can just choose a preferred format to save it to your computer, or you can also choose a multimedia device from the Device to convert your video creation to fit your mobile device. Well, if you are a DVD lover and like collecting DVD, you can also burn the edited video to DVD. It would be also a great choice to save your creations.

apply transion to video

Part 2. Instruction on How to Apply Transitions on Mac

1. Add Files to the Program

The first thing that you need to do is to load files to the program. There are three ways to add videos: one is to click the Import button on the top right corner of the interface; or you can drag and drop the videos to the program from the local folder. Alternatively, you can click the Media tab to browse for your local directory. The added files will be displayed in the Resource Library.

insert transition effects mac

Add scenes transition effects mac

2. Insert Transition Effects between Clips

Next, drag your videos to the Timeline Panel below from the Resource Library. Then hit the Transitions menu under the Resource Library to access the effects. When you have chosen the effect you prefer, you can simply drag it between two adjacent clips. In the Preview window, you can watch the real-time result to make sure it’s what you want.

3. Output the Final Result

After you have finished personalizing your video, you can then output the file via a channel you prefer. With the video editor for Mac, you can save the video to the local hard drive in a format you like, export to a mobile device or publish on YouTube from the application.

apply transion to video on mac

Part 3. Tips and Tricks on Adding Transition Effects

1. How to Edit the Transition Duration?

Double click a transition in the video track to open the window for duration setup. By default, a transition is 2 seconds long. You can click Up-arrow or Down-arrow to adjust the duration. If you’d like to apply the same length for all transitions, you can simply click Apply to All.

2. How to automatically or randomly Add Transitions to Videos?

Besides manually apply transitions to the videos, you can also choose to automatically add the effects. After you have chosen an effect in the transition library, you can right click on the thumbnail and choose Apply to All from the submenu. Then the same transition will be inserted to all the scenes between clips.

If you prefer the program to randomly add the transition effects to your video, you can choose Random to All from the submenu. Then different effects will be inserted to all the scenes between clips.

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