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How to Add Audio and Video Effects to Your Movie

Whether you are new to edit video? Whether you are unacquainted to compositing video editing software like iMovie or Windows (Including Windows 8) Movie Maker? Whether you are anxious to make a seasoned professional and interesting video before sharing with others? This guide will teach you how to add sound and video effects to your home movies step by step. You are sure to be well served by this video editing guide.

What You Need:

Computer system based version of Aimersoft Video Editor – a precise and easy to use video editing program.

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

Instructions of Adding Effects:

1Load target files

Transfer your movie to your PC or Mac by connecting your camera to your computer and downloading the video to your hard drive. Most of the newer video cameras can connect directly to your computer or record to DVD or a memory card that you can remove and pop into the appropriate slot on your computer. Then load them to the program which you have just downloaded and launched. Take the Mac version as the example:

Load target files

2Add audio and video effects

a. Add audio effects

Transfer or download whatever audio effects you want to add to your movie, making sure you have found the spot where you want to add your audio effect. This is usually done by playing the movie on your video editing software.

Add audio effects

b. Add video effects

A video effect determines how a video clip looks in your final movie. For example, you might have video that would look great if it had a classic, old–time movie look. With Aimersoft Video Studio Express, you can add one of the film effects to give it that any stylish look.

Add video effects

Note: Video effects are maintained when you split, cut, copy, or move a video clip or picture.

3Save and share

Preview the edited movie to make sure both the audio and video effects are exactly added as what you wanted. Then save the finished home movie to your computer or multimedia devices like iPhone, iPod, PSP, etc. If you would like to share it online with more friends, you can just sign in YouTube with your account to upload the newly edited home movie to YouTube directly.

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

Note: If you would like to save the edited video onto DVD, Aimersoft DVD Creator, which has both Windows (Windows 8 included) and Mac versions, is a good choice to help you burn any video to DVD.

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Hi, Facebuooksucks Guitarz. You can import your audio to the program and add it to the video. Besides, you can also merge multiple audio files into one.
That's not a audio effect its a audio sound effect. I want reverb and that would be a effect
Aimersoft Video Editor has given me immense satisfaction as a novice video maker, to edit and add audio and video effects to any clip efficiently and I was applauded by all.
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