GetFLV Not Working? Get Its Solutions Here

GetFLV Not Working? We are going to tell you best way to download videos when getflv is not working through this guide today.

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Getflv is a web video downloader software available for free from SuperLogix to download YouTube videos and some other sites videos. Getflv supports some major video sites. It supports somewhere 1000 video sites in total to download videos including YouTube, hulu, dialymotion, vime and other sites. it also allows you to convert downloaded videos to other formats by choosing format according to portable devices. Are you using GetFLV to download videos from YouTube? Sometimes Getflv downloader software is not able to download videos and don’t capture them easily. Users start downloading videos and they are stopping at 11% and not completing to 100%. When GetFLV is not working, follow this guide to solve out this problem.

Part 1. The Easiest Way is to Find a Better Alternative

iTube HD Video Downloader is powerful video downloader software and an alternative to Getflv video downloader software. iTube HD Video Downloader is really powerful because of its features. This software helps users to download videos from mostly every video site. There are 10000+ sites supported by this software. this getflv alternative downloader allows you to record videos when you don’t want to download them or record pc screen as well. This software is able to work as downloader, convert and recorder software for every user.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Best GetFLV Video Downloader Alternative

  • Download videos when getflv not working in just one click over internet from 10000 sites.
  • Record videos as well when getflv not working and get solution of the problem with iTube HD Video Downloader.
  • Convert videos to any format after downloading by choosing from device list or from the list of categories.
  • Download videos in batch when getflv video downloader stop working for you.
  • Download hd videos such as 720P, 1080P, 1440P and 4K videos as well.
  • One click converter and downloader software.
  • Two way to download movies and videos. With URL and with download button directly.
  • Task scheduler option is there to download videos with 3x faster speed when getflv not working.

How to download videos with iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 1. After reading above features about the software I am sure you want to use this software. so now just download and install it on your computer by following on screen instructions.

GetFLV Not Working - easy way step 1

Note: if browser is already running while installation then you need to restart your browser once to install iTube HD Video Downloader extension in your browser.

Step 2. Navigate you to your browser now and find out the videos on YouTube. There are millions of videos available on YouTube you need to choose which one you want to download. After choosing videos play them once videos are started playing click on download button which is there in the right top side of video and select quality.

GetFLV Not Working - easy way step 2

Step 3. Once video format is selected iTube HD Video Downloader will start downloading. Now all things will be done by iTube HD Video Downloader automatically. It will finish downloads in some time then you view these videos in the Downloaded tab of iTube HD Video Downloader.

GetFLV Not Working - easy way step 3

Note: To convert videos in other formats using iTube HD Video Downloader just move cursor on download then convert and select the format. There are 150+ format available in this option.

Part 2. Top 3 GetFLV Not Working Reasons and Solutions

Reason 1. Getflv is not uninstalling

Sometimes users are facing problem in uninstalling getflv completely from computer. This thing causes a very big issue. That is if the program if not uninstalled correctly then may be this can be harmful for other application or users can’t install other downloader software’s.


You can uninstall getflv manually using the steps below now

Step 1. Go to start menu and click on control panel option. Go in the Add/ Remove program and then find out getflv now click on uninstall.

GetFLV Not Working - reason 1

Note: it will uninstall program from the menu and program files but still some files will be there which may cause problem later. These files can be remain in the registry.

Step 2. To uninstall files from the registry you can follow the below method.

Run register edit (Go in the run and type RegEdit and press enter). Now follow the below path and remove all registry files, and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun.

Now you to delete files from the hidden app data also to delete them follow the below path. C:Documents and Settings%USER%Application

Reason 2: Getting error

I am getting errors after updating my getflv software to the latest version. It’s not running and I can’t start the program and not able to download videos.


This version have some problems officially and users can’t download videos with the latest update. Users have to download version of getflv video downloader software to solve out this problem.

Reason 3: Not completing downloads 100%

Version of the getflv video downloader software is not able to work with downloading YouTube videos. When I am trying to download videos using this version stop downloads at 78% to 80% and sometimes on 90% as well. When I was updated this program to the latest version then I got so many errors like that I have to update my Firefox, chrome and internet explorer to the latest version and after updating my browsers also I am getting error in downloading videos.

GetFLV Not Working - reason 3


This problem was faced by the users who were using cracked version of the program and updated program to the latest version. As they were not paid for previous program and update without paying that’s why these users have faced problem in downloading videos with this program. Users can buy paid version of the program to solve out this issue. Cracked are not working now.

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