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Desire to download free HD MP4 on Internet? No worry! Here is a list of the best free HD MP4 download sites.

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Smartphones, tablets and laptops have allowed their owners to have miniature versions of music concerts and cinemas at the comfort of their own homes or workplace. This is through MP4 video format support capabilities of the devices. There is therefore a need to have different decent internet sites from which users can download the said videos. Below are five of the best HD MP4 download sites from which you can download HD MP4 videos for free without risk of getting your phone infected with any viruses. Also, there is a HD MP4 video downloader recommended to you for making your downloads with ease.

Part 1. The Best Way for HD MP4 Download

Different with online video downloaders, iTube HD Video Downloader is one of the best MP4 HD download application. It allows users to download practically any video that they can find on the Internet from over 10,000+ online video download sites. These include entertainment sites, movie sites, news and journalism sites as well as online sports channels. Downloading HD MP4 videos from online sites is possible because unlike other websites that rely on key words, it uses the video's specific URL, which makes the search and download more accurate and efficient. It also has the advantage of super-fast downloading speeds and virus-free results.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Best HD MP4 Downloader

  • 3X faster download YouTube videos including YouTube 4K videos.
  • Download the entire YouTube playlist, channel and category with a Download All button.
  • Convert the downloaded videos or even your desktop MP4/FLV/WebM videos to any video/audio formats.
  • Allow you to import your desktop videos to the program for organization.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Free Download MP4 HD

Step 1. Launch the MP4 HD Downloader

First download and install iTube Studio, and then launch it. After this, find the video that you want. Below you can find two ways for you to choose to download MP4 HD video.

mp4 download sites

Step 2. Start HD MP4 Download

Option 1. Using the video URL - and copy its URL and paste it on the program. Finally, press download.


Option 2. Using the "Download" button next to the video. All you need to do is finding the video in any browser and select download to get your HD MP4 download.

sites to download mp4

Part 2. Top 5 Best Sites for HD MP4 Download

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HD Jumbo

This website has one of the largest and well organized music video databases available for download. The videos are categorized first into regions, then artists then specific names in alphabetical order. This makes it a lot easier to find whatever you are looking for. In addition to its wealth of international music videos, it also allows users to download movie and music productions from Bollywood. The default format for the HD downloads is MP4.

Step 1. Launch the site on your search engine.
Step 2. If you know the exact name of the video you seek, type it in the search box and click search.
Step 3. Choose a video from the results and select download. Some browsers will require you to long-press on the video and select the ‘save link’ option.
Step 4. If you do not know what the name of the video is, go to the categories section. Select the category in which you think you are likely to find your video. From the results, find your video and select ‘download’ or ‘save link’.

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DownVids stands out from other HD MP4 sites this list due to the procedure followed during the download. It uses video URLs to locate the videos and converts them to MP4 HD format for download. This increases your chance of getting the exact video that you are looking for. It also allows you to download videos from sights that only give you the option to view but not to download. Examples are videos from YouTube, Vevo, Vines and other related sites. DownVids gives you the option of format in which you want your video downloaded.

Step 1. Find the website in the Internet.
Step 2. Open a new tab. On the new tab, find the video you wish to download.
Step 3. Copy the video URL from that tab.
Step 4. Return to the tab with DownVids active and paste the URL in the box indicated.
Step 5. Specify the format in which you want to have the video downloaded.
Step 6. Press convert to change to the required format then select download and wait.

free hd video downloader

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Zimbio MP4 HD downloads is a website dedicated exclusively to music videos from around the globe. It is amazing because it is free, fast and bug-free. Zimbio downloader allows you to convert videos from sites with different formats to MP4 format. It is not only designed to make life easier but also more fun. The site allows you to do celebrity quizzes, articles and general knowledge trivias that come in handy when you are looking to kill time as your video downloads.

As stated, navigating this website is quite easy. Below is a step-by-step guide to getting HD MP4 video download from Zimbio:

Step 1. Search for Zimbio website using your search engine of choice.
Step 2. In the search box next to the website logo at the top, enter the key words for your desired video. Select search.
Step 3. From the results, select your video and click on the download command.
Step 4. You can also left click on the video and select the ‘save link’ command to execute the HD MP4 video download.
Step 5. Sit back and enjoy a trivia as the video downloads.

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This is a website for HD MP4 downloads for music videos, movies and documentaries from around the world. It is a popular downloading website due to the fact that cleanliness of files is guaranteed. It is mobile friendly and is very easy to use. It works best on android operating system smartphones.

Step 1. The first step is to find the website on your preferred search engine.
Step 2. After finding the website, type the required keywords in the search box and press search.
Step 3. From the search results select the video that you think is closest to what you were looking for.
Step 4. You can preview the video by clicking on it before downloading just to be sure.
Step 5. Select the option for your HD MP4 download. Options include level of quality of images, presence or absence of subtitles and presence or absence of lyrics.
Step 6. After selection, wait for the video to download and enjoy.

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MP4 Point

This is one of the easiest to use free websites for HD MP4 video download. It is one of the best options for someone who is looking for funny clips and home-made videos. These are not the only MP4 HD videos available for download but are the most popularly sought after when internet users visit the site. It is supported by most Apple and windows as well as most smartphone operating systems.

The website home is appears as shown in the screenshot above taken using a smartphone. It has a search box for a user who knows exactly what they are looking for. For someone who is simply browsing for fun and is not limited to specific videos, there is a categories section to help find something that might interest them.

Step 1. Launch the website by searching in browser.
Step 2. Select the search result that is titled MP4 POINT.
Step 3. If you know what video you are looking for, type the title or some identifying phrase in the search box and select ‘search’.
Step 4. From the results provided, chose the video you feel is most accurate and press the download button under the video.
Step 5. If none of the results are what you wanted, try changing the key words in the search box.
Step 6. For more amazing videos, go through the categories available and choose whatever catches your eye.

free sites to download hd video

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